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u-blox Introduces LTE Cat 4 Cellular Module

The u-blox LARA-L6 module renews company’s LTE Cat 4 portfolio and offers a successor to u-blox TOBY-L2 module series.

u-blox has introduced u-blox LARA-L6 LTE Cat 4 cellular module.

u-blox Cellular ModuleThe smallest of its kind to offer truly global coverage and 2G/3G fallback, LARA-L6 combines high data throughput and native support for external u blox GNSS receivers with a full set of security features.

“At u-blox, we understand that customers need compact, flexible, and secure solutions that simplify the complex logistics of product development for global applications. As the smallest globally certified LTE Cat 4 module on the market, LARA-L6 is a clear fit for size-constrained solutions demanding robust security, integration with positioning solutions, and flexibility to adapt designs to use-case specific data rate requirements,” says Drazen Drinic, Product Manager, Product Center Cellular, at u-blox.

LARA-L6 is a perfect fit for demanding size-constrained applications such video surveillance, dashcams, high-end telematics, gateways and routers, and eHealth devices.

The u-blox LARA-L6 module, which delivers download data rates of 150 Mbps and uploads data rates of 50 Mbps, renews the company’s LTE Cat 4 portfolio and offers a successor to the u-blox TOBY-L2 module series.

Measuring only 24 x 26 x 2.6 mm, LARA-L6 is available in two variants: a global one, the LARA-L6004, and a North American one, the LARA-L6404.

LARA-L6 is pin/pad compatible with all the u-blox LARA and SARA form factors, giving customers the flexibility to design a single PCB able to support different u-blox technologies with minimum hardware and software development effort.

LARA-L6 comes with the most relevant regulatory and MNO certifications, which greatly simplifies logistic management for worldwide deployment.

LARA-L6 supports a comprehensive set of security features including a root of trust, secure boot, and secure updates. Regular maintenance releases ensure that security is always up to date, keeping end devices running and protecting them from attacks.

Moreover, LARA-L6 supports u-blox’s IoT Security-as-a-Service offering, which includes design security, end-to-end security, and access control services, which are all available from the Thingstream service delivery platform.

To streamline the development of IoT solutions that require satellite-based positioning, such as tracking and telematics devices, LARA-L6 is designed to integrate seamlessly with u-blox GNSS receivers, offering superior positioning performance over competing solutions with onboard GNSS receivers.

Bundling the LARA-L6 with u-blox GNSS receivers is simplified thanks to native support for GNSS AT commands used to manage u-blox positioning modules and chipsets.


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