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Uniphore Unveils the Industry’s Broadest and Most Comprehensive Conversational Automation Platform

Uniphore has completed its acquisition of Jacada and is unveiling the industry’s most comprehensive conversational automation platform that will further enable enterprises to transform customer experiences.

Uniphore Uniphore’s integrated Conversational Automation platform now combines Conversational AI, workflow automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), low-code/no-code capabilities and a business user-friendly UX to transform and democratize customers experiences.

“I’m extremely proud of the work that the teams at Uniphore and Jacada have done to make the integration of the Jacada platform into ours smooth and seamless,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and Co-founder of Uniphore. “The power of the two platforms coming together, along with our future innovations in the conversational automation space will truly transform the customer experience in a range of industries, from sales and marketing to education, HR, healthcare and beyond.”

“Conversational Automation is the next frontier in digital transformation. Organizations have an urgent need for platforms that provide end-to-end support for the customer experience,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder at Opus Research. “With the acquisition of Jacada and the integration of its low-code/no-code interface and unattended RPA capabilities, the potential for Uniphore’s platform grow beyond contact centers and customer service to truly enterprise-wide applications.”

This empowers contact center agents to deliver highly effective, personalized and empathetic interactions.

Top enhancements and benefits of Uniphore’s Conversational Automation platform include:

Uniphore’s advanced conversational AI for sentiment, intent and emotion analysis, together with Jacada’s workflow and desktop automation empowers agents with the most comprehensive agent-assist solution, U-Assist.

With U-Assist, agents are guided in real-time during calls with the next-best-action based on customer intent, conversation content, sentiment and emotion. After the call, agents’ promises made during the call are registered and automation is used to ensure their fulfillment.

This merger adds a new level of best-in-class automation to real-time agent-assisted interactions, and superior agent performance and customer experience.

The integration of Jacada’s business user-friendly UX that drives both self-service and agent-assisted interactions with Uniphore’s industry-leading CA platform bridges the gap between legacy systems of contact center process automation and modern-day automation powered by AI.

Uniphore’s U-Self Serve, a conversational self-service solution is enhanced with the addition of Jacada’s multimodal and visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capabilities. With the enhancement, customers are now able to seamlessly self-service routine interactions with minimal friction across all channels and leverage digital capabilities on IVR interactions.


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