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Versinetic’s EV Charger Development Kits at POWER2DRIVE Europe

Versinetic will be in hall B5 on stand 470C in the start-ups area in the smart E Europe Pavilion.

Versinetic has announced to showcase its dynamic load balancing module LINKRAY and its new EV Charger Development Kits at this year’s POWER2DRIVE exhibition at Messe, Munich, Germany between 11 – 13 May 2022.

EV-ChargeVersinetic will be in hall B5 on stand 470C in the start-ups area in the smart E Europe Pavilion.

POWER2DRIVE is the international exhibition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility and will feature charging solutions and technologies for the growing electric vehicle industry from more than 300 providers of charging infrastructure solutions, e-vehicles, solar carports/bikeports, and mobility services. The German market is at the forefront of the e-mobility boom with every third new electric car driven on German roads and 15 million electric cars planned by 2030.

Versinetic’s LINKRAY Charge station Load Balancing Controller is a solution that operates in passive mode for the majority of the time, but is flexible enough to manage EV load balancing in an offline setting.

Designed by award-winning engineers, LINKRAY load balances any manufacturer’s OCPP 1.6J charger while continuing to load balance when the charge station management system (CSMS) is offline. It works with any OCPP 1.6 CSMS and talks to third party energy meters over Modbus. Communicating via LTE, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, LINKRAY enables the smart configuration of which chargers to load balance. It even works with on-site renewable generation.

Versinetic will also be revealing its EV Charging Development Kits, which enable developers to set up the software and connection to the OCPP back-end provider of choice. Complete with wiring diagrams, the SDK comes with instructions and a working model to set up production and test connectivity.

Director of Versinetic, Dunstan Power, will also be presenting “Don’t Get Left Behind – How to Rapidly Exploit the EV Charger Market”. He’ll explore the current lagging EV charger infrastructure, complex standards, the evolution of smart chargers and introduce Versinetic’s modular Charging Blox system of hardware, software and consultancy.


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