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Vertica Leverages NetApp StorageGRID for Cloud Analytics

Micro Focus’ core analytical platform, Vertica has reported a new integration with NetApp StorageGRID to deliver the advantages of cloud-native analytics to on-premises environments.

Vertica These combined analytics offering enables data-driven organizations to elastically scale capacity and performance as data volumes grow and as analytics and machine learning become a strategic business driver – all from within their enterprise data centers.

“With this NetApp integration, we are committed to providing our joint customers with the broadest options to power their strategic analytical and machine learning initiatives in the way that works best for their businesses — today and in the future,” said Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Vertica. “Now, every organization can now run Vertica’s cloud-optimized architecture with NetApp’s StorageGRID to address their performance and financial requirements – all within enterprise data centers or private clouds.”

“Enterprises today require data and infrastructure solutions that offer simplicity, speed, and performance to differentiate their business and deliver the best experience to their customers,” said Duncan Moore, Senior Director, Product Management at NetApp. “Together, we’re helping our joint customers put their data to work with a solution they can trust with their most critical data assets.”

Vertica with NetApp StorageGRID allows organizations the freedom to adopt cloud innovation for analytics wherever their data resides, without assuming the risks, costs, and complexities of cloud migration.

Also, providing customers with the flexibility to deploy object storage as an appliance-based solution or in a software-defined model, Vertica with NetApp StorageGRID gives companies a consistent platform for high-performance analytics and machine learning at an enterprise scale.

The combined offering delivers high-performance analytics and machine learning with enterprise-grade object storage to enable organizations to:

  • Prepare for future scale – Elastically scale the analytics platform’s capacity and performance as the database grows from terabytes to petabytes with NetApp StorageGRID scale-out architecture.
  • Rely on separation of computing and storage – Isolate workloads based on specific department needs and use cases without competing for resources with the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform.
  • Optimize the data lifecycle – Fine-tune data availability, performance, locality, retention, protection, and storage costs with NetApp StorageGRID metadata-driven policies and adjust these parameters dynamically as the business value of your data evolves.
  • Perform queries 10-25 times faster than conventional databases -Vertica with NetApp StorageGRID has a fast multisite, active-active architecture without sacrificing durability.


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