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VIAVI Introduces VPN Management Solution

Enterprises around the globe adopting remote work as the new normal, Viavi Solutions has introduced a suite of products to support the delivery of VPN services throughout the lifecycle, from validation, to pre-deployment testing, monitoring, assurance, and troubleshooting.

ViaviAccording to the Neustar International Security Council, 64% of companies experienced disruptions to network security business practices due to the sudden shift to a work from a home model and 78% of corporate VPNs have experienced some connectivity issues.

The VIAVI State of the Network Study of IT professionals found that VPN oversubscription was one of the top challenges of managing remote user traffic growth, with remote end-user experience being the highest the ranked requirement for operational visibility. Issues such as the inability to access VPN at peak times, poor conference call quality, and slow application response times have caused significant challenges.

Enterprises are inspecting their existing platforms and services, and in some cases selecting new ones that are more suited to the scale and growth of the user base. The VIAVI VPN Management Solution supports every phase of the VPN lifecycle.

VPN Validation Testing: The VIAVI Tera VM virtualized application emulation environment emulates and measures leading VPN vendor clients at scale to evaluate performance under operational conditions.

End-to-End Pre-Deployment Testing: In conjunction with Tera VM, the VIAVI Observer Platform provides end-user experience scoring to provide immediate feedback that network KPIs are being met before go-live, reducing the risk of introducing performance-related issues.

VPN Monitoring and Assurance: VIAVI Observer Apex will monitor the VPN service performance, showing end-user experience scores and domain isolation breakout.

VPN Troubleshooting: The VIAVI Fusion virtual test solution monitors and ensures network performance and verifies Service Level Agreements in both virtual and physical networks.


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