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Vicor Announces Industry’s First ‘ChiP’ Fab

Vertically-integrated foundry delivers new capacity to manufacture power modules for artificial intelligence, electrified vehicles, advanced communications and other high-growth markets.

Vicor along with state and local officials celebrated the opening of a new, state‑of‑the‑art power module manufacturing facility.

Commemorative ribbon cutting event on May 18 at 10:00am at 400 Federal Street, Andover. The new ChiP foundry will provide capacity to meet high-volume requirements of ChiP customers.

The world’s first ChiP™ (Converter housed in Package) fabrication facility, or “ChiP fab” enables scalable, automated, cost-effective manufacturing of power modules in the United States.

At 400 Federal Street, at 10:00am on May 18th, 2022, Vicor employees and senior management joined by state and local government representatives.

With its new ChiP foundry, Vicor takes a major step toward realizing its vision to enable high‑performance, modular power system solutions capable of satisfying demanding power requirements.

“Our new ChiP fab integrates all of the process steps necessary to manufacture high‑density power modules in wafer-like panels with short cycle time and flexible capacity,” said Mike McNamara, Vicor Vice President of Operations.

Vicor ChiPs are manufactured in panels utilizing process steps analogous to semiconductor wafer fabs

A leader in innovation with a track record of US manufacturing

The new facility comes online as Vicor celebrates 41 years of expanding its performance leadership within the global power electronics industry with U.S.-based manufacturing.

The new, vertically-integrated ChiP fab utilizes patented fabrication processes that further differentiate Vicor power modules by enabling the most power-dense and energy-efficient solutions.


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