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Vingroup Teams up with Top EV Battery Making Firms

VinFast has been partnering with top prestigious firms in battery making – a key to the future of electric cars.

Vingrpup Vingroup’s Vice Chairwoman Thuy Le revealed that VinFast is teaming up with many leading companies in battery research and manufacture from the US, Israel, Taiwan, etc. to ensure that VinFast’s EV models will be equipped with cutting-edge batteries.

Specifically, VinFast is collaborating with Israeli StoreDot, a company well-known for its extremely fast charging technology that allows the battery to charge to 80% of capacity in only 4-5 minutes.

This used to be seen as impossible but StoreDot’s technology has been proven to work effectively on cellphones, drones and e-scooters. Instead of graphite, StoreDot uses nanoparticles in their batteries, which allows much faster-charging speed compared with current technology. Therefore, StoreDot is said to be a pioneer in the world’s new energy sector.

This means that VinFast may become one of the few electric car firms with the most advanced battery technology that has never been acquired by any famous electric car company in the world, not even Tesla.

Notably, Vice Chairwoman Thuy Le also mentioned the strategic partnership between VinFast and Taiwanese ProLogium (PLG) – a leader in the research and production of 100% solid-state batteries.

With the advantages of extremely rare possibilities for fire or explosion, a wide range of operating temperatures and three times higher energy density compared with the lithium-ion battery, the 100% solid-state battery is considered the technology of the future, a catalyst for the EV revolution. Therefore, this collaboration will give VinFast considerable advantages in the race for global EV market share.

Another remarkable name is Gotion High-Tech – a major company in battery development and manufacture in China and across the world. It is well-known for LFP battery technology. Gotion has just signed an MoU with VinFast. The LFP battery can be produced at a low cost and is suitable for mid-range electric cars and has the potential to universalize green transportation in the world.

Vingroup also disclosed that it is carrying out R&D activities on its own in addition to seeking external resources. Research institutes with the world’s leading experts under Vingroup’s business ecosystem together with its new subsidiary – VinES Energy Solutions JSC – play an essential role in this task.

These three pillars will help VinFast achieve both self-sufficiency in EV battery supply as well as the highest quality of batteries in use.


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