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Visage Mobile Inc. presents Data and Analytics as an amenity

Visage Mobile

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Visage Mobile, Inc., the SaaS enterprise mobility management (EMM) corporation, today introduced Visage Pulse, a Data and Analytics as a Service (DaaS) product that will thrust free monthly analytics on an enterprise’s mobile expend and usage towards enterprise IT, followed by finance, and mobility managers.

Visage Pulse will afford a topline study of cross or single carrier mobile spends every single month. Analytics will focus on the major and toughest expanses to cope, plus aggregate spend by carrier, trending outlays by carrier, and non-recurring charge cessations.

Visage Pulse will be accessible at no charge and is aimed to supplement standing telecom expense management (TEM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

“When companies see their data in our platform for the first time, they are shocked by what they have missed over years of mobile consumption. Mobile spend is a huge and rapidly growing expense category in the enterprise. It is nearly impossible to accomplish side-by-side comparisons of carrier data without heroic efforts from analysts,” believed Bzur Haun, CEO of Visage.

Rhetoricising further that – “For the last six years, we’ve delivered the technology necessary to automate this analysis. VisagePulse is free and easy extension of our product that can provide unparalleled insight into mobile spend.”


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