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Vishay Intertechnology Expands its Portfolio of Power Modules

The new devices by Vishay offer dual, single-phase bridge, and single-switch topologies in wide range of current and voltage ratings


Vishay Intertechnology announces the expansion of its portfolio of power modules in the SOT-227 package with seven new devices featuring ThunderFET power MOSFETs and standard, FRED Pt, and Trench MOS Barrier Schottky (TMBS) diodes.

The Vishay Semiconductors modules are available in dual, single-phase bridge, and single-switch topologies with a variety of current and voltage ratings.

The VS-FC420SA15 and VS-FC270SA20 single-switch modules featuring ThunderFET power MOSFETs are Vishay’s first with voltages of 150 V and 200 V, respectively. Ideal for high-performance DC/DC converters, battery chargers, AC motor drives, and UPS, the devices offer current to 400 A, low on-resistance down to 1.93 mΩ at 10 V, and gate charge of 250 nC.

Vishay’s first 1200 V insulated standard recovery rectifier modules in the SOT-227 package, the VS-RA160FA120 and VS-RA220FA120 are optimized for OR-ing applications in electric vehicle chargers and single- and three-phase bridges. The dual devices feature high forward current to 220 A, low 0.26 °C/W junction to case thermal resistance, and low forward voltage drop down to 1.22 V.

Featuring FRED Pt diodes, Vishay’s VS-UFH280FA30 insulated Hyperfast rectifier module is the company’s first to feature 300 V in a dual topology, while the VS-UFH60BA65 is its first Ultrafast single-phase bridge device. Intended for low voltage, high-frequency inverters in welding machines and UPS, and output rectification for charging stations and switch mode power supplies, the devices offer soft recovery characteristics, fast reverse recovery times down to 58 ns, and current to 280 A.

For high-frequency switch mode power supplies, DC/DC converters, and plasma cutters, Vishay’s new VS-QA300FA17 insulated TMBS rectifier module is the company’s first with a 170 V rating. Offered in a dual topology, the device features current of 300 A, a low forward voltage of 0.98 V at 200 A, and low junction to case thermal resistance of 0.26 °C/W per leg (0.13 °C/W per module).

While competing devices typically offer operating temperatures to +150 °C, the power MOSFET, Hyperfast, and TMBS modules released today provide the high-temperature performance to +175 °C. The devices are RoHS-compliant and UL-approved.

Device Specification Table:

Part #Silicon typeTopologyCurrent (A)Voltage (V)
VS-FC420SA15ThunderFET power MOSFETSingle switch400150
VS-FC270SA20ThunderFET power MOSFETSingle switch273200
VS-RA160FA120Standard high voltage diodeDual1601200
VS-RA220FA120Standard high voltage diodeDual2201200
VS-UFH280FA30FRED Pt diodeDual280300
VS-UFH60BA65FRED Pt diodeSingle-phase bridge60650
VS-QA300FA17TMBS diodeDual300170

Samples and production quantities of the new power modules are available now, with lead times of 12 to 14 weeks for large orders.

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