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Vishay Intertechnology Reveals 220 EDLC ENYCAP Electrical Double-Layer Energy Storage Capacitors

Available in Power and Energy Versions, Devices Offer Power Density to 4.1 Wh/kg and Capacitance From 15 F to 60 F

Vishay Intertechnology announced that it has extended its 220 EDLC ENYCAP series of electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors for energy harvesting, power backup, and UPS power source applications.

Vishay Intertechnology 220 EDLC ENYCAPAvailable in power and energy versions with high stability, the Vishay BCcomponents devices now deliver a wider range of capacitance values in eight small case sizes ranging from 16 mm by 20 mm to 18 mm by 40 mm.

For the industrial, telecom, and PC markets, the polarized energy storage capacitors offer high power density to 4.1 Wh/kg, capacitance values from 15 F to 60 F, and a rated voltage of 2.7 V at +65 °C.

The 220 EDLC ENYCAP series devices feature very low internal resistance and rapid charge and discharge performance. The through-hole capacitors offer long leads and are RoHS-compliant.

Here is the Device Specification Table:

Capacitance (F)15 to 5520 to 60
Max. peak current @ +65 °C (A)2525 to 35
Leakage current after 0.5 h (mA)6 to 258 to 30
Stored energy at +65 °C (Wh)0.015 to 0.0560.020 to 0.061
Specific energy +65 °C (Wh/kg)2.5 to 3.53.4 to 4.1

Samples and production quantities of the 220 EDLC ENYCAP series are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger quantities.


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