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Vishay Presents Custom Haptic Feedback Actuator

Vishay Intertechnology has launched a new customizable haptic feedback actuator for touchscreens, joysticks, and touch switch panels in commercial applications.

Vishay Offering a compact, two-piece construction with mounting holes for easy installation and direct application of force, the Vishay Custom Magnetics IHPT-1411AF-AB0 delivers high impulse pulse and vibration capability for clear tactile feedback in noisy environments or anywhere a mechanical response to the action is desired.

With an operating temperature range to +105 °C, this haptic feedback actuator is ideal for rugged environments.

The IHPT-1411AF-AB0 is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical pulse or vibration for touch-based interaction that can be varied by power amplitude and duty cycle of the input voltage.

The haptic coil assembly, when energized by a DC voltage pulse, creates a magnetic field that attracts the mounted dynamic core piece. When de-energized, the core piece is returned to its original position by the customer-supplied spring assembly.

The actuator’s fast response time of < 5 ms can be varied to produce multiple high definition (HD) haptic effects with a nominal operating voltage of 12 V and a maximum voltage rating of 16 V.

Typical end products will include LCDs used in industrial appliances, building and factory automation and control systems, and electronic point of sale (POS) systems; medical monitoring, diagnostic, and surgical equipment; handheld radios; game or simulation controllers; and barcode scanners.

Applications can also include rotary or joystick control devices, along with touch switch and button control panels.

The IHPT-1411AF-AB0’s simple bobbin and core components allow designers to layout a spring and housing that is incorporated into the display mounting, eliminating the need for additional housing.

Vishay additionally can provide a turnkey mounting device for the IHPT that includes return springs and mounting holes for quick implementation into the customer’s application.

The haptic feedback actuator released can drive a 0.5 kg load to 6 g of acceleration with a 12 V, 5 ms pulse; competing technologies can only drive 0.1 kg to 0.2 kg to this level. The driving coil has an inductance of 1.8 mH, a typical DCR of 0.95 Ω, and a coil to core dielectric withstand voltage of 150 VDC.

RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green, the actuator’s standard lead terminations are dipped in 100 % tin solder.


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