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Visualizing Smart City Concept in India

Intro The word ‘Smart’ is generally employed to describe the quality of having a higher degree of mental ability or intelligence. The advent of the digital revolution in the industry has provided a new meaning to this word as it is now used for smart machines and IoT devices that can operate autonomously and interactively with the help of AI and IoT networks.

With cities evolving at a rapid pace, over half the world’s population has shifted to urban areas especially India with its burgeoning population. New challenges have started emerging in Indian cities as people have started gravitating towards urban lives.

The majority of India’s cities have been inherently unsustainable concerning their growth. Often lacking in core infrastructure like shortage of water supplies in Delhi and discharge of wastewater into open drains or having no drainage at all comprises some of the basic shortcomings that India has been dealing with since its independence.

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Aishwarya Saxena

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