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How is Automotive Sector Fueling Voice Enabled Systems?

As the traction of Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles is gaining acceleration, the vehicles are now becoming a new form of smart device that will lead the current technology to the next level.

Voice Recognition Technology in automotiveStriving for comfort whether through some simple means or via technology is ingrained nature of human beings since time immemorial.

Integrating technological arsenal in daily life activities has now become a new norm of 21st-century innovators whose focus is now moving towards Voice Recognition Technology in the last few decades.

Transitioning from simple manual work of switching a button ON or OFF is now slowly switching on to the Voice-Enabled commands from its users to add another feather in the life of comfort.

One of the most affected industries is automotive one for Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles.

As the traction of Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles is gaining acceleration, the vehicles are now becoming a new form of smart device that will lead the current technology to the next level.

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It’s not a long time when instead of an oily assortment of mechanical and moving parts of a traditional vehicle, we will be seeing something that looks more like a large, black computer in a car in the next few years.

Nonetheless, let’s concentrate our focus on the rising market of Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles and how is it going to change the face of the automotive market with its innovative implementations.

Archives from the Past

Voice Recognition TechnologyBefore anything else, the origins of every technology is always the first step to understanding what technology is all about and how its evolution was triggered that led to its current form.

In the case of cars, the evolution of voice control began its journey in 2004 when Honda and IBM collaborated to deliver the world’s first voice-enabled navigation system that could command and control the audio, DVD and climate response in a car.

This trend was then followed by Ford who partnered with Microsoft to bring Sync to the automobile market where drivers could interact with mobile devices to make calls, control music and much more.

The year 2013 saw an innovation from the hands of Apple who introduced the concept of embedded Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles with its Siri Eyes Free for CarPlay.

The situation escalated in 2017 when Ford was successful in integrating Alexa’s cloud-based system in its car navigation system, therefore becoming the first automaker to achieve this feat.

From then on, multiple automakers like Benz, Lamborghini, Lexus and GM, etc., came forward with their version of Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles.

Need for Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles

Born due to the fact of keeping driver’s safety in mind, various advancements in Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles have been accelerated to keep the public safe while using call services or navigation during driving.

Distraction from the text message, call or while using Google Maps is a natural impulse of a human being to take their eyes off the road.

Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles has now become a new standard feature in possibly every new vehicle, especially in the cars market.

According to research conducted recently, driver distraction levels are seen to be much lower when using Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles when compared to touch screens.

Voice Recognition Technology Market for Automobiles in 2022

Voice RecognitionFollowing the recent trend of integrating new capabilities in automobiles, to make them smarter, Voice Recognition Technology Market is predicted to be worth USD 4.87 Billion by 2027, where the recent market figures came out to be valued at USD 1.39 Billion in 2020.

Apart from integrating in-car infotainment features that drive this market, other factors that influenced the growth of this market include increased spending on personalized comfort features, new government norms for safety features in automobiles, the dawn of AI and connectivity have now become the natural extensions of the automotive voice recognition system.

As expected from human nature, comfort is becoming the top priority of every vehicle owner due to which advances in Machine Learning (ML) that allows next-generation cognitive systems to detect & sense the environment, learn independently as well as initiate decisions intelligently are affecting the current market growth.

Top Players of Voice Recognition Technology in Automobiles

Rating some of the key players of automotive voice recognition systems includes,

MicrosoftMicrosoft- Termed as the biggest software company which was established in 1975 with its headquarters in Washington, U.S., Microsoft Corporation is known for software products that are now slowly encroaching the territories of smartphones and automotive.

AppleApple- One of the biggest trendsetters in terms of technology, Apple was founded in 1977 and has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, the U.S. The company is currently involved in multiple sectors ranging from designing, marketing and selling mobiles, manufacturing, media devices as well as computers to its consumers.

GoogleAlphabet- Known as Google’s mother company, Alphabet was established in 1998. The company is said to be a global pioneer in internet-based products and smart services.

NuanceNuance Communications- Headquartered at Burlington, Massachusetts, the U.S. with its establishment in 2001, Nuance Communications delivers speech recognition and AI products in the field of healthcare AI solutions & services, consumer & enterprise and automotive.


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