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Voltage Enterprises Develops Clean Gas Energy Source

KINETIC 7 is a major gamechanger in the global energy market.

Voltage Enterprises team has recently developed a clean gas energy source named KINETIC 7 that will not only provide an alternative supply to natural gas but also boasts zero CO2 emissions.

Voltage Enterprises Clean GasThis clean gas energy source is estimated to be cheaper than current domestic household and business energy supplies by as much as 80%.

Rick Parish, Founder and Executive Chairman of Aquarius Global, which has funded the research and development of Voltage Enterprises, said, “KINETIC 7 represents more than eight years of scientific research, development and tech innovation by a dedicated team of scientists and tech disruptors, all working to produce a clean energy source that is carbon-neutral, significantly cheaper, and stable and efficient – but disruptive in every sense to the status quo.

“KINETIC 7 is a major gamechanger in the global energy market. Just as we saw with the oil boom, the technologies and science that we are innovating, developing and disrupting in the energy sector through Voltage Enterprises are truly ground-breaking – a world-first for the energy sector!”

Rick Parish added, “In much the same way that solar power is currently being used in domestic housing, KINETIC 7 will allow households to produce their clean gas energy source, using water and a small amount of electricity. The cost to create clean gas is minimal. The KINETIC 7 generator unit will be retrofitted into homes. The plug-n-play product, which uses a small amount of AC or DC power and water, will allow the householder to enjoy the same natural gas/LPG benefits without the high costs, supply disruptions and dramatic price increases. An external wall unit can be fitted to a domestic household and used for stove cooktops and ovens, hot water systems, ambient heating and underfloor heating.”

Rick Parish said, “With KINETIC 7, we have the world’s first commercially viable clean gas energy source that can be used in domestic households. At the same time, KINETIC 7 can power large-scale industrial production and manufacturing, providing clean energy that is carbon neutral from water. We anticipate KINETIC 7 will be 80% cheaper than current energy supplies.

Aquarius CEO, Rick Parish, added, “As an investment incubator in disruptive industries, Aquarius Global has been supporting companies like Voltage Enterprises to work on several disruptive technologies and innovations in energy and healthcare. Our corporate objective is to support companies using science and technology in a disruptive manner, to develop and deliver beneficial innovations for mankind and the environment. We are currently working on ground-breaking projects to capture carbon emissions and reduce CO2, whilst also creating anti-microbial and immune-boosting water that can be used in a whole range of applications.”

“The whole ethos of Voltage Enterprises is to innovate and disrupt using technology and science to change the lives of millions of people for the better, to arrest the environmental damage that has been caused by oil and gas exploration and leave a positive legacy for future generations.”

Voltage Enterprises has been funded by Aquarius Global, an investment company and tech incubator also based in Abu Dhabi, and is also working on further innovations and disruptive technology projects.


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