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War in the Fifth Dimension – Securing Smart Cities

Securing Smart Cities

Ever since research into packet switching started in the early 1960s, the evolution of the internet has been a steady force pushing the world into ever deeper realms of connectivity. Smartphones and tablets provide a window view of what lies ahead, as the internet penetrates into every corner of our living spaces and utilities. We are at the dawn of – ‘The Internet of Things’. The IoT combined with the power of data analytics and cloud computing fuels the ability to infuse intelligence into every dimension of our environment, hence giving rise to ‘smart cities’. IBM calls an intelligent city a data environment with instrumented, interconnected and intelligent (IN3) components. However, such a paradigm shift is fraught with peril. As the end points of information gathering fly out of control, the challenges involved in balancing privacy and security with service delivery are immense.

The risks of advanced technology without appropriate attention to secure communication channels have already manifested in a big way. The sophistication of the 2007 cyberattacks on Estonia crippled organizations ranging from the Estonian Parliament, banks, ministries, newspapers, and broadcasters. The incident triggered a number of military organizations around the world to reconsider the importance of network security to modern military doctrine. This was in 2007. Consider the damage that could be unleashed on a world where communicating devices power every aspect of living.

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