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Warming Up for the Big Sports Technology Transformation

rajan navani ceo

A massive transformation is changing the way Sports is perceived both, for the people on the field and the viewers worldwide.  Speaking to Rajan Navani, Managing Director and CEO, JetSynthesys, it was further understood that the tech in sports today, is something more than meets the eye.

1 – Technology is enabling transformations both on and off the court. What emerging technologies are leveraging the complete sports sector?

Video technology has always helped coaches and players improve their performance by watching match recordings. Now with the use of ICT (information and communication technology) they can gain deeper insights and perform statistical analyses to improve their game. The use of technologies such as Goal-Line Tech and Video Assistant Referees are also seeing a rise on-field, providing accuracy up to a few milliseconds in match-changing decisions. Contact-less payment, although not a new technology, was widely used in the FIFA world cup 2018. These are only to name a few, the Winter Olympics was as much a parade of the latest sports-tech as athletics.

We’re not only seeing a transformation in the sport itself, but in terms of consumption. With the rise of OTT content viewership, most sports fans are tuning in to watch games online. With the rise of E-sports becoming more widely accepted as a physical actual sport, streaming will continue to see a rise. From checking the latest updates on players, to scores and match highlights technology has connected fans to their favourite clubs like never before.

2 – What challenges are foreseen for the implementation of these technologies?

The only challenge I would say is for other clubs and athletes to be able to keep up with these technological advancements that improve the quality of the game through precision and the watchers’ experience, whether that’s on-field, such as contact-less payment, or especially online. Consumers are tech-savvy now and rely on technology for an enhanced experience, they expect innovation in every field, including sports, and they demand engagement in all forms, like players being active on Social Media.

3 – The major sports events of 2018, the Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup were the game changer for the ones on the field as well as the viewers worldwide. What can be taken as a major drill for the sport’s transformation?

Probably the most high-tech sports events till date, the Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup showed us the good, the bad and the ugly of tech in sports. But as a drill, the cyberattack which disrupted the opening ceremony is something to take heed of, especially when it involves several countries coming together. Besides that, the technology used in the Winter Olympics was truly impressive and helped engage watchers to another level, you could feel close to all the action despite being miles away. Of course, there have been mixed reaction to the introduction of VAR and the question of the sport being slowed down by replays, but isn’t it more important to ensure correct calls? I’d say so.

 4 – Any related announcements or projects that our readers should know.

 We (JetSynthesys) could already anticipate the rise of technology in sports. With our 100MB app we cater to the consumers demand to be more connected to their favourite sport or player and are working on making the experience more engaging through quizzes. Even in our E-Sports segment, Sachin Saga, we are working on creating a more immersive experience through VR.

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