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We are the Strongest Player in Government Sector and are Making Efforts to Provide Automated Services

Ashis Guha, Senior Vice President
Ashis Guha, Senior Vice President Sales (APAC & ME), Perpetuuiti

Perpetuuiti multilingual product versions are not anymore unmapped. To foster Innovation and an endeavor to automate end-to-end IT solutions – the company is addressing the pain points of CIOs and IT managers across multiple verticals. The company is to look for as its forte matches ‘Innovation for Tomorrow’.

Ashis Guha, Senior Vice President Sales (APAC & ME) – Perpetuuiti advocated a pragmatic vision to lead the next-gen IT community and ensure one step ahead on tomorrow’s market trends, and business ecosystem. Excerpts.

  • Throw some light on Perpetuuiti’s recently-launched multilingual products in 10 languages. What are the features and Benefits of this solution?

We have launched 10 multilingual versions of our flagship products namely Continuity Vault, Continuity Patrol, Ops-Central and Dependency Discovery Engine (DDE). The new versions are available in Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, German, Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian, apart from English.

Perpetuuiti’s products have been globally acclaimed for the value and control they provide to business organizations in the Management, Orchestration and Automation of IT Service Continuity and Availability. The same software products, along with their collaterals, have now been translated into local foreign languages to address the needs of key global markets. The translated products will be able to address the specific pain points and local issues of organizations that are perhaps not as comfortable using an English interface.

  • An anecdote behind the development of these evolutionary multilingual products. How you think the solution would transfigure the IT paradigm.

With People, Processes and Technology as the three pillars of our success, we prepare customers to deal with any catastrophe with minimal loss of time, efficiency and costs by ensuring real-time visibility of disruption even during any type of IT Disruption, even a downtime.

The company’s multilingual product versions are an important milestone in its endeavor to connect better with partners and customers and ensure greater satisfaction among a diverse set of audience. The move is aimed at providing local support to customers and partners located in different countries, thereby increasing the global reach of Perpetuuiti. The same software products are translated into local foreign languages to address the needs of key global markets and will also address the specific pain points and local issues of organizations.

  • The key markets Perpetuuiti strives to address with these products and how mature is the market in adopting your cutting-edge solutions?

These multilingual products aim to meet the needs of customers and partners across different markets worldwide – Spain, Thailand, Japan, Americas and UK, Korea, Germany, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia. In terms of industry verticals, we are particularly focused on BFSI, Telecom and Government.

  • Key business models for the regional markets – advantages your customers and partners have for an inclusive business ecosystem?

We have a strong three-tier channel program whereby we work closely with SMBs, Large Enterprises, System Integrators, and Service Providers. The key business models we use are the ELA Model (Enterprise License), RS Model (Recovery as Service), and Service Provider Model, which is more prevalent because of cloud coming in.

By delivering solutions that best fit the business scenarios of the time, we create satisfied customers. To further strengthen this engagement, we encourage and enable global partnerships to enhance value proposition through maximized ROI and reduced TCO to customers.


  • Kindly illustrate on your next-gen AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution –Av3ar. The benefits and applications of Intelligence based personal assistant.

Av3ar is an artificially-intelligent system with cognitive computing and machine learning capabilities that is designed to do some of the critical yet mundane tasks. This will help organizations focus on core activities – thereby increasing productivity and efficiency at a reduced cost.

In addition, Av3ar can sense, predict, analyze and solve IT issues. It has been developed to address the pain points of CIOs and IT managers across verticals like manufacturing, BFSI, retail, telecom and government institutions. Basically it’s a platform agnostic and compatible solution with multiple devices including PC, tablets and mobiles.

Also, Av3ar can deliver end-to-end automated IT solutions that can dramatically improve productivity and enhance operational efficiencies to drastically reduce the cost of downtime.

Its unique IT Operations Management Engine helps in interacting with humans for end-to-end IT Management. Av3ar, the virtual system administrator understands customer requirements and manages IT infrastructure from the following perspectives:

  • Works as a DBA for multiple databases
  • Manages virtualization and cloud technologies
  • Works as BCP / DR / Replication Manager
  • Storage / Backup Administration
  • Network and Security Administration
  • Windows / Unix / Linux / Mainframe Administration
  • Application Administration
  • Assumes the roles of Digital Virtual Assistant and Voice Recognition Assistant
  • Identifies problems based on ‘deep learning’ technology and resolves issues based on real life experiences
  • Interacts with humans and understands their requirements to complete tasks
  • Can be deployed as a Virtual IT Admin to follow Virtual IT managers for authorization and approval purposes
  • Your thoughts on the Big Data IT adoption and how your solutions can match the seamless architecture of virtualization?

Big Data and analytics have fundamentally changed the way businesses compete and operate. While they have created substantial benefits for businesses and consumers, they have also created challenges in terms of data curation, analysis, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy.

As an enterprise software products’ company, we continuously innovate and keep our selves at pace with the emerging trends in the industry. We have set up a new R&D center at Chennai to develop solutions in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Robotic Software Automation. Keeping Big Data challenges in mind, we have recently developed Av3ar, an artificial intelligence engine, which can sense, predict, analyze and solve IT issues. It comes with machine learning capabilities and integrates well with our other three products like Continuity Vault, Continuity Patrol and Ops-Central allowing IT personnel to maintain full control over automated tasks.

  • What are your Growth plans in India?

Predominantly, India has been our biggest market and the major source of revenue contribution to Perpetuuiti. However, with evolving advancements Perpetuuiti is now focusing on global markets including USA, Middle East and Singapore. We will continue growing in Indian market. Our business strategies, go-to-market strategy, product scope and features are all defined and redefined to ensure we are with/ahead of the market trends and technological innovations and requirements.

In future, we will continue to focus on products and solutions in the space of IT Service Continuity and Availability Management to ensure customers remain Business Resilientall the time! We aim to scale up and emerge as true market leaders in the area of ‘Availability Management’ by enabling solutions using cutting edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Robotic Software Automation from the perspective of IT Service Availability Management.

  • Any specific milestones/recent achievements of the company?

Since our inception, we have focused on developing software products that enable customers to get maximum value from their BCP/ IT investments. We ensure business continuity even in crisis situations that may cause supply chain interruptions, loss of or damage to critical infrastructure. Our products have been duly recognized by leading global analysts, associations and industry bodies.

Some of the recent accolades include –

  • Recognition as Gartner 2015 COOL VENDOR in BCM and IT DRM
  • Inclusion in Gartner HYPE CYCLE 2015/2014 report for IT-SCM
  • Positioned as a Leader and a Disruptive Force in mid-market and SMB DRaaS providers from Asia Pacific in 2014 by Research Fox
  • Received Product Achievement Award in 2013 by the BCI (Business Continuity Institute) UK

In addition, many leading publications have honored us with various other awards and recognitions. Interestingly, in a short span of time, Perpetuuiti has gained wide acceptance and appreciation from all fronts – customers, peers and thought leaders in the industry. This esteemed line up of third party recognitions is an acknowledgement of the company’s innovative product features, its capabilities and potential.

  • The pristine USP of your solution and value-added services Perpetuuiti leverage?
  • Enterprise Visibility to CXOs of financial impact of any IT disruption so that Quantification of Non-Service Availability can be done and criticality of IT services can be established along with Timely Action to have a reduced Impact
  • Real-time Auto Discovery of Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure to show the current information populated onto the CMDB and Automated Mapping of Application Interdependencies in Real-time
  • Business Services and IT relationship mapping in Real Time and the cascading impact of any IT disruption onto the Business Quantified with Financial Impact
  • Any comments on the Digital India? How your company verge with this pragmatic initiative?

As we know that Digital India aims at ensuring that the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork. We are the strongest player in Government sector and are making an effort to provide automated services. Perpetuuiti’s products have been universally acclaimed for the value and control they provide to business organizations in the Management, Orchestration and Automation of IT Service Continuity and Availability.

We deliver the best by adapting ourselves completely with the changing business environments and evolving technologies. Of course, to cope with the ever changing environments and new challenges in this area, we keep innovating to ensure we are abreast with the latest technological advancements.


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