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We Don’t Limit Our Efforts to Producing World-Class Products

Rajeev Samanta
Rajeev Samanta l Regional Director, Sales- South Asia l Tyco Security Solutions

Our philosophy is to “get more out of less” and each one of our business practices is directed towards making the customer’s life easier narrates Rajeev Samanta l Regional Director – Sales l South Asia l Tyco Security Solutions on an interview with BISinfotech Consultant Editor, Niloy Banerjee, where he entails on Tyco’s advanced solutions for its customers and its bequest for Smart Cities Mission. Edited Nub

  1. How the business has been following the Tyco merger with Johnson Controls and what strategies does the merger bring to the Indian market?

We put in well thought out strategies that worked well for the company at the time of the merger. The process was kept separate from routine business operations which allowed for consistency. Usually, it is easy to overlook customer experience at the time of such a big change, but in our case, there was an immense focus on maintaining outstanding customer experience. Post the merger; we have witnessed greater synergies in our work which has contributed to a larger stack of offerings. It has led to the development of a one-stop shop for customers interested in integrated solutions. Together, these factors have led Tyco to exponential business growth through 10 years of existence in the Indian market.

  1. That one unique solution or service that our niche readers should know about?

Every solution that Tyco brings to the market has something unique for the customer segment that it intends to cater. In the past, Tyco’s products across access control, video surveillance and intrusion have facilitated the construction of smart buildings – the benefits of which range from productivity gains to sustainability. Our engineering teams have developed some of the most advanced solutions for video surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection. Our solutions portfolio also comprises products that are cost-effective yet high quality and can be used in low-budget areas.

  1. The unique business proposition of TYCO which keeps the company ahead of its competitors?

Tyco’s unique business proposition goes beyond the product offering and includes one of the most significant parts of the business – a distinctive go-to-market strategy. We don’t limit our efforts to producing world-class products but also go a step ahead to provide stellar technical after-sales support. Our philosophy is to “get more out of less” and each one of our business practices is directed towards making the customer’s life easier. We also invest significant resources in adopting a holistic approach to protect our customer’s investments.

  1. Security today is an inclusive word, defining, lifestyle, women security, better employment etc. Apparently, on a physical or virtual world, ‘Security’ seems more critical than ever. What are your offerings and solutions/services to build a Safe, Smart City?

Over time, the definition of security has also evolved to include sustainability, improved standard of living, and workforce efficiency as a larger concept. Lately, the discussion around smart cities has fueled the emphasis on the need for high-end and smart security. Tyco’s security solutions are well-suited to the address needs for everyone and everything. Our product/solutions portfolio has the ability to distinctly address the specific needs of every customer segment. Moreover, all the solutions are compliant with cybersecurity norms which enable the creation of a threat-free security system.

  1. Technology advancements to bring new threats challenging Security perennially. How you think security will shape in coming time and how we can envision a secure future slating Digital transformation as a business and value proposition than just proclamation?

Technological advancement, dynamic security paradigms, evolving security ecosystem are universal truths – these factors will only cease to exist/evolve if the world stopped moving. It is a cycle – there will be newer threats to security and more effective solutions will be developed to tackle those. With advanced challenges, the industry will get positively pushed to develop newer solutions especially in the areas of deep learning and artificial intelligence. This will end up bringing proactivity in the security solutions space and change paradigms on a regular basis.

  1. Lastly, how is your company aligning itself with Govt. initiative like ‘Smart Cities Mission’ and ‘Digital India’?

The ‘Smart Cities Mission’ was launched to address the need of the hour – which is to build an ecosystem that enhanced the standard of living of resident communities. Tyco provides a variety of solutions that capture and analyze data points and turn them into information that enables better awareness for decision makers. These solutions aid the implementation of policies by law enforcement agencies. In the past, Tyco has provided state of the art integrated solutions which have powered smart city projects and have led the brand to provide a stream of benefits for the ecosystem.


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