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We Have Strong Innovation Capabilities And Based On The Market Requirement

Glenford V
Glenford V. D’souza, Technical Expert, LYNX – Lawrence & Mayo

Glenford V. D’souza, Technical Expert, LYNX – Lawrence & Mayo talks about their key focus, market expertise and how they’re touching the nascent market of Drones & UAV in India. Glenford underlines the emerging technologies and their impact into businesses and also their ahead plans for the Indian market. Edited Nub.

1. Which sectors are of your key focus currently and what are your key offerings to these sectors?

Our key focus mainly is on the following sectors:

i. Infrastructure Companies.
ii. Private Surveyors and Consultants.
iii. Construction Companies people who execute large construction project such as Housing colonies and other infrastructure works.
iv. Land Records Departments.
v. Public Works departments.
vi. Irrigation Department.
vii. Mining Companies
viii. Railways
ix. Agriculture Departments.
x. Educational Institutions (Engineering colleges with Civil Engineering courses).
xi. Items that we supply are to these keys sectors are as under:
a. Surveying Instruments comprising of Total Stations, GNSS Systems, Scanners, Mobile Mapping Systems, Drones.
b. All Soil Concrete Laboratory testing equipments required to carry out any construction job.

2. Overview of Lynx’s technology expertise and further vision?

a. The technology incorporated in the above instruments that we supply is not ours. As all instruments mentioned above are imported from our Principals and then sold in India.
b. We have expertise to service the equipments and carry out component replacement in all above equipment.
c. We also have expertise on the subject of GNSS System, Total Stations and other surveying instruments.

3. How do you see the UAV market growing and what scopes and challenges does this industry keep in the coming time?

i. We have been retained by IdeaForge to market their Drones in India and we as per our joint strategy for marketing Drones will concentrate on marketing them to various private surveyors and consultants and also all other sectors mentioned above in Point No.1.

ii. Besides this, we will also hit the surveillance industry such as Police, Municipal Corporation. Disaster Management segment and Security Segment. We envisage a bright future in this association as there are various other sectors and markets that need to use drones in their industry such as Chemical, Solar industry, National Highway and Road Development authorities. So this partnership will go a long way in improving business for both.

4. Lynx’s R&D strength and innovation capabilities and what are your ahead strategies to viz across in the market?

We have strong innovation capabilities and based on the market requirement we advise our manufacturers on various new features that need to be added in the products manufactured by them.

5. How emerging technologies like IoT are, cloud, AI impacting your business and how do you reckon the future with these potential technologies?

Emerging technologies like IOT, ARE Cloud, does not have any direct impact on our business. As we are in the business of marketing instruments as mentioned under Point No.1. However Cloud technology will certainly impact our business as all our datas captured by Drones, Mobile Mapping System, Scanners and other Lidar equipments are basically sent to the cloud and sometimes cloud server also processes the data and gives us the final results.

6. There has been a quantum leap in growth of the global industrial landscape, resulting in higher demands for high-quality precision measuring tools for reduced turnaround time and costs. Lynx comments to it.

All recent new developments have reduced turnaround time and cost for example, survey used to be done with the help of the Theodolite tape and chain. This survey if finished in 30 days time, the Total Station finishes this in 15 days. Moving one step ahead, the Scanners and GPS finishes this in 7 days. Again Mobile mapping system and Drones finishes this same survey within hours.

Therefore reducing turnaround time and cost. Hence we are right in the middle of marketing high quality precision measuring tools as mentioned above having reduced turnaround time and costs.

7. India as market for Lynx and what potential does it keep for your company’s market share?

LYNX stands upright as a total solution Company catering to the entire construction infrastructure demands and needs. Starting from Surveying right up to completion of the project including Soil concrete testing equipment.

The total market share of the existing potential will go from 15 – 40 in the next 2 – 3 years.


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