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WealthDesk Partners with 63 moons for their Product ODIN Connector

WealthDesk has collaborated with 63 moons technologies for their product, ODIN Connector, which is India’s biggest Broking gateway. With this partnership, WealthDesk becomes the first premium platform partner of 63 moons enabling portfolio-based investment and trading, on top of Equities and ETFs for end clients of ODIN-powered Brokers.

WealthDeskCommenting on this partnership, Ujjwal Jain, Founder & CEO, WealthDesk said, “WealthDesk aims to create an ecosystem of all financial services players on one platform so that the stakeholders do not need to operate in silos. WealthDesk has a strong B2B focus, which allows us to create solutions that solve the problems of our B2B partners. This integration allows a large number of stockbrokers in India to offer WealthBasket portfolio investments to their clients and also opens up world-class advisory research from top advisors to brokers and their end customers.”

“63 moons is the largest broking technology provider in India and with this partnership, we have the opportunity to serve a very big broking customer base that cumulatively serves around 1 crore end customers. This partnership will help strengthen WealthDesk’s B2B2C platform significantly and democratize differentiated portfolios in the form of WealthBaskets to a larger market.” He added.

Commenting on this partnership, Keshav Samant, CEO – Brokerage Technology Solutions, 63 moons said, “I am happy that WealthDesk, powered by ODIN CONNECTOR, becomes the first premium Fintech partner to go Live on the most powerful Broking Gateway. I am sure with WealthDesk- ODIN connector partnership, all ODIN powered Brokers would be able to seamlessly enter the value-added broking space, by offering incredible B2C Advisory led WealthBaskets and also monetize their in-house research”

With the help of ODIN connector Broking gateway, WealthDesk can now enable WealthBasket portfolio investing for the end customers of the brokers. WealthDesk can also open up access to research and expertly picked WealthBasket portfolios from advisors to brokers that can be sold to end customers.

This allows the brokers to get into value-based broking and not just transaction based broking. End customers can now avail the benefit of better wealth creation opportunities in the equity market through stock and ETF based WealthBasket portfolios.


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