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Top Wearable Start-ups in India

WearablesWearable technology or wearables work as a hands free gadget which has the ability to send and receive data while using Internet. It can be worn as accessories, embedded in clothing, implanted in the user’s body, or even tattooed on the skin. There are numerous brands which has been used by most of the people all around the world like; Google Glass, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Motiv Ring, etc. Indian market has marked drastic  growth last year due to COVID-19 pandemic. According to a research, the India wearables market posted a remarkable 144.3% year-over-year (YoY) growth in 2020, exiting 2020 with 36.4 million unit shipments. The report also says that, India was the only country in the top 20 to see triple-digit growth in wearables in 2020 and continues to be the third-largest wearables market globally. This growth was majorly driven by the increasing acceptance of earwear devices and upgrades to watches from wrist bands, both recording their highest annual shipments in 2020. The big brands have moderated the way we receive, use, and share data. So, here we have enlisted top wearable startups in India;


Founded by alumni of IIT Gandhinagar, GridAnts provides an Operating System (OS) called Cubeit that allows users to collaborate across multiple devices. The company has received under $3 million in seed funding from Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners.

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CarIQ Technologies

Pune based CarIQ, one of the top wearable startups in India, offers a robust big-data platform which created by over months of R&D by brilliant minds. In this short span of time, it has analyzed 90 M+ kms of driving spanning over 3.5M hours driven by over 50k drivers. The data keeps making the platform smarter and ultimately helps you with your car’s predictive maintenance.

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One of the top wearable startups in India, Boltt makes premium audio, fitness & fashion products combined with cutting edge technology. Boltt has bagged many prestigious awards including the Frost & Sullivan Companies to Action Award 2017 in the wearable technology category and has been featured in top media & press publications.

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Ducere Technologies

Telangana based, one of the top wearable startups in India, Ducere has a vision to overstep and excel in the barely scratched surface of innovative, technical and technological explorations. The company encourages and indulges in creative ingenuity and fearless ambition with an open mind for new and disruptive ideas, which could lead to paradigm shifts in technological innovations.

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Altizon, a global industrial IoT company, powers digital revolutions by helping enterprises leverage machine data to drive business decisions and that’s make it one of the top wearable startups in India.

Altizon’s Datonis Manufacturing Suite applies advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to accelerate smart manufacturing initiatives, modernize asset performance management and pioneer new business models for service delivery.

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With the aim of providing smart-home at a cost less than a smart-phone, Pluggx has made it presence in the market. It has a huge team of IIM ,IISc. Pluggx switch allows you to control your room or home lighting and appliances from your Smartphone .Pluggx switch is entirely a new approach to traditional smart-home / Home-automation industry by designing a solution that addresses the major consumer pain points of existing products.

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Getactive achieved its name in the top wearable startups in India. It is a Fitness-Tech platform that helps you plan and deliver programs for individuals, teams or across the whole organisation. The company offers are designed to deliver a wholesome kind of fitness, impacting both body and mind. The kind that delivers real value to your workforce and transforms the entire workplace vibe.

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Heart beatFounded in 2014, GOQii is empowering consumers globally to lead healthier and better lives. GOQii’s smart tech-enabled healthcare platform brings together the entire preventive healthcare ecosystem. It’s Smart Health Ecosystem integrates tools for real-time personalized coaching, an explosive high-growth Health e-commerce store, scheduling health check-ups, a health locker, a unique ‘GOQii Cash’ program where healthy behaviour is rewarded with cash discounts and insurance discounts based on health management data and live coaching by experts on GOQii Play, the health OTT platform. Its numbers of qualities has made its name in one of the top wearable startups in India.

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TrackerSenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor based condition monitoring, security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps. The range of products and smart wearables has made its name in the top wearable startups in India.

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Avantari Technologies

The team of Avantari Technologies has a passionate set of minds, starting in Oxford University, it has moved into exploring and mastering new technological territories. The company began to specialise in multi-field and diverse tech from biomedical engineering, Product Design, embedded systems, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. They worked with giants of industry, political parties from across the globe and made our own products too.

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