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Wearable Technology Becoming Mainstream in the Healthcare Sector

Manvendra Chandola, CEO, Riversong India

IoT has made tremendous changes in our day to day life. If we see today’s wearable technology, it has number of facilities from calculating your foot step to providing your health report and even it can count your heart beat also. There are a lot of companies, which make wearable technology and Riversong Technology is one of them. It provides state of the art Smart Devices, designed for fitness trainer, young adventurers and music lovers across the world, with more than 10 year’s electronic product development experience, Riversong is ready to walk with you in this Smart new world, with cutting edge technology, housed in attractive bodies. Riversong devices are the perfect lifestyle partners that one would love to flaunt. During an interaction with Manvendra Chandola, CEO, Riversong India shares the value and future of wearable technology.

Q: Please elaborate on your company and its offerings.

A: Riversong is a subsidiary of leading mobile phone developer – IMG Technology Group. Started in 2015, Riversong has grown and marked its presence globally in countries and regions like the United States, Middle-East, India, South Africa, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Driven by systematic operation and constant innovation, the company has developed a creative product portfolio ranging from basic smart gadgets to AI innovation. Our products are enjoyed in more than 30 countries, serving over one-fifth of the world’s population.

We commenced our operations in India in December 2017 and the product categories include smart wearables like fitness bands, smartwatches, kid’s watches, smartphones, smart home appliances, power banks, speakers, earphones, and other exciting products.

Q: What different do you offer to your clients which other companies don’t?

A: We offer consumers a premium design and build quality at an affordable price point. We have a dedicated R&D team which has helped us in understanding the market and the consumer requirement, and we are always trying to up our game by providing our customers with the best products and experience.

Our wearable devices are sleek and feature-rich with sensors that monitor the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, and blood-oxygen-levels. Our wearables also come with a sleep monitor, as well as a multi-sports mode which tracks fitness data as per the sport or activity that the users are engaged in. With built-in functionality for receiving calls and messages, as well as sweat + water resistance, our products are perfect for fitness enthusiasts and people who are always on-the-go.

When it comes to audio devices and accessories, we focus on minimalism and functionality, providing users with premium devices that offer fuller and richer sound quality.

Q: How is the demand for electronics wearables nowadays?

A: The demand for wearable devices have been growing at a steady pace recently, due to the mobility and ease of use that they offer. A wristwatch is a classic timeless accessory and most people wear one. If a watch is ‘smart’ and offers additional functionality, then it’s a cherry on top. The growing trend of smartwatches is mainly due to the convenience that they offer, like being able to receive calls and respond to text messages and emails right from your wrist. Also, when a lot of important information is accessible on a Smartwatch, such as alerts, music playback controls and fitness data, it gives people less of a reason to pull out their smartphones every now and then and minimises distractions.

Owing to the pandemic and the closure of gyms across the country because of it, fitness bands and trackers have seen a rise in demand. They assist users with keeping their health and fitness in check, and since most people have been working out at home these days, fitness accessories have witnessed a rise in demand amongst health-conscious consumers.

Q: How was the year 2019 for your company and what will be your future marketing plans?

A: 2019 proved to be a fantastic year for us as a brand as we had started to establish a strong presence in the Go-To-Market, and received an extremely positive response from both our channel partners and consumers. Our products like Rhythm M Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Motive Smartwatch and Wave S Fitness Band were very well received in the market. Presently, we are working on a new range of products and are extremely excited to unveil new surprises to customers.

Q: Please share your expertise.

A: Our expertise is in understanding the market trends and the needs of the consumer. We are constantly looking forward to enriching people’s music experience by providing them with innovative and high-quality audio products.

Q: How are the demands of your products during the lockdown?

A: It was an extremely challenging time for us as we had to re-evaluate our business strategies and daily operations. Since offline stores were closed, we shifted our focus toward e-commerce and online marketing. Understanding the requirement of the consumers in the time of need, we launched our line of healthcare products which included masks, thermometers and PPE kits.

During the lockdown, people were more focused on their health and fitness than ever, and as a result, there was a surge in the demand for fitness trackers and wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones. Post the lockdown, we have resumed operations with full force and are working round the clock to provide our patrons with the best audio products.

Q: Strategies ahead and plans to encompass across the market.

A: We are planning on expanding our product portfolio and are soon launching a new line of premium products for the home audio segment.

Q: Trends shaping wearable business?

A: Smartwatches and fitness bands are designed to generally make our lives easy – going and to monitor our health activity, allowing us to make better lifestyle choices.  In today’s time, an increasing number of people are becoming health conscious and are investing in activity trackers, and the trend is likely to grow in the coming days.

In the very near future, we are likely to see wearable technology becoming mainstream in the healthcare sector. Activity trackers would be used to track and monitor the vitals and other health metrics of patients and would allow patients to alert their doctors in case of any problems.

Smart glasses with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) capabilities are also likely to become a trend in the near future.


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