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What Are Device Drivers and How Do They Work

The kernel job is to run computer hardware and distribute the necessary resources to the applications. The kernel is initiated when you turn on your computer and it loads BIOS or more commonly known as the basic input/output system. The kernel has a separated and dedicated area of memory to protect their memory space. Once that is all done, the kernel will allow Operating System or OS to load up along with other applications. Giving them the proper amount of resources to balance the load of the computer.

What Are Device Drivers?

kernel jobA device driver is a software that allows the computer to communicate with its hardware. It allows the operating system to translates the software to its hardware. This will allow the system to allocate the computer’s resources. Video cards help translate the information from code into pictures, or computer codes into audio. There is a list of device drivers that are out there that helps allow the computer to accept the input of the hardware of their computer.

Which Operating Systems Work with Kernel and Device Drivers?

All operating system works with both kernel and device drivers. But each of them is quite different. For example, Microsoft programming language code is used in C++, Apple with Objective-C or Linux system that primarily uses C. Each operating system has a different kernel and device drivers software to work with their respective operating systems. Most, if not all external devices usually have their own device drivers that will communicate with the main host/computer to function properly.

Creating Kernel and Device Drivers

Creating kernel and device drivers can be fun. You would have to learn the programming language, learn how to code, and properly test/utilized the program. It will take hundreds, if not thousands of hours of programming to make your firmware/software work. It will also depend on how big your software is and how many different types of operating systems. Of course, there is an alternative solution if you don’t want to code yourself. There are specialties of programmers out there that can definitely save you time and potential money by letting driver development services create the driver software for you. But it all depends on how quickly you want your project to be completed.


In conclusion, kernel and device drivers are a very important part of your computer. They are basically the middle man of all the operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Each operating system has its own unique computer language and programs to ensure your computer is able to communicate with the hardware. Kernel and device drivers require a lot of time to learn, program, and execute trials before you can use it as a final product. I know nothing about languages and coding, but I do know how to outsource to others to save me time and money. It will all depend on the project and how much time you have with your project.


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