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All About High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs

High Voltage Super Junction (SJ) MOSFETs have now become a milestone in the field of power MOSFET, with an innovative concept of voltage-sustaining layer (VSL).

Super Junction MOSFETsReduced package size with high operational efficiencies and high-power density levels for a circuit design has become the biggest challenge of the power electronics industry in 2022.

Thriving on the energy efficiency and operational reliability of the power conversion devices, electronics engineers are held down by cost constraints while fulfilling the above demands in their devices.

Widely known for their power efficiency, Power MOSFETs are generally employed in the switching and amplifying of electronic signals. Commonly used for low voltage (200V) switches, MOSFETs and IGBTs do not operate efficiently in cases of switching rapidly at higher voltages. If you want more details on IGBT Technology, you can check out my previous article “IGBT Modules Technology – The Perfect Buying Guide!”.

This drawback led to the development of High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs since they offer reductions in a variety of different areas like die size, which directly affects the device cost.

High Voltage Super Junction (SJ) MOSFETs have now become a milestone in the field of power MOSFET, with an innovative concept of voltage-sustaining layer (VSL).

Becoming a norm for high voltage switching converters, High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs offer lower RDS (on) along with reduced gate and output charges, enabling more efficient switching at any given frequency.

Nevertheless, before discussing in detail Super Junction MOSFETs, let’s explore What are High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs and how is this technology different from the previous planar MOSFET technology?

What are High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs?

MOSFETsConsidering the main purpose of the Super Junction MOSFETs, power switching applications at high voltage and speed require a different design structure.

Accordingly, the basic structure of the High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs is junction-type VSL (J-VSL) with the periodic N and P regions.

Unlike the conventional VSL which is a resistance-type VSL (R-VSL) with only an N or P region, SJ MOSFETs bring a qualitative change of the VSL from the R-VSL to the J-VSL, thereby introducing the bulk depletion to increase the doping concentration and optimize the bulk electric field of the Super Junction MOSFETs.

Utilized in multiple avenues, the series of Super Junction MOSFETs are being coveted for various applications ranging from television manufacturing of OLED displays (700 V) and 800 V chipsets have its applications in fast-charge stations and indoor LED lighting too, therefore giving us an insight on What are High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs.

Comparing Planar MOSFETs with Super Junction MOSFETs

Super JunctionInitially, before the advent of Super Junction MOSFETs technology, the dominant design platform for high-voltage devices was generally based on planar technology.

In earlier times, designers that made their transition from planar to Super Junction MOSFETs would have to accommodate EMI, noise-related concerns and voltage spikes by compromising switching speed.

Si-MOSFETs can be categorized under planar MOSFETs and Super Junction MOSFETs according to the type of manufacturing processes used.

In simpler terms, in the field of power transistors, the super-junction structure was developed to transcend the limits of planar structures.

According to its general structure described above, a super-junction structure is a structure in which multiple vertical p-n junctions are arranged in such a way that a low ON-resistance RDS(ON) and reduced gate charge Qg are realized while maintaining a high voltage.

Whereas a planar structure has the drawback that if its rated voltage is raised, the drift layer will become thicker, and so the ON resistance is increased.

Market Scenario of Super Junction MOSFETs in 2022

According to the latest report analysis, Super Junction MOSFETs Market has grown from 1333.8 million USD in 2020 and is predicted to reach 2069 million USD by 2026.

Withstanding the aftereffects of pandemic lockdown that halted the entire supply chain to a standstill for a few months, the High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs Market has again picked up its pace with China as its largest global exporter and manufacturer while Europe stands at second rank according to the sales volume market for High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs Market in 2022.

Having an increasingly high demand for these SJ MOSFETs in electric mobility solutions, the global IGBT and Super Junction MOSFETs market size is forecasted to reach multi-million by 2028 in comparison to 2021 sales.

Top Companies Manufacturing Super Junction MOSFETs

Compiling the latest list of top companies that supply and manufacture High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs includes,

ROHMROHM Semiconductors- ROHM offers a wide variety of MOSFETs voltage lineup from small signal products to 800V high voltage products and can be used for various applications such as power supplies and motor drive circuits.

InfineonInfineon Technologies- Termed as the world’s largest manufacturer of power semiconductor components, Infineon offers the most comprehensive portfolio of metal-oxide-silicon transistors along with a wide range of MOSFET product portfolios.

Vishay BETA AwardsVishay Intertechnology- Named as the world’s foremost manufacturer of power MOSFETs, its product line includes a diverse range of advanced technologies in more than 30 package types.

STSTMicroelectronics- A leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, STMicroelectronics (ST) power MOSFET portfolio provided a broad range of breakdown voltages from –100 to 1700 V, having low gate charge and low on-resistance, with state-of-the-art packaging.


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