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What are Swarm Grids—Autonomous Energy Grids?

fig 1The discovery of electricity was one of the greatest inventions of mankind to date. Electricity has become such an integral part of our lives that a normal to two hours cut in electricity, without any battery backup, seems unbearable to handle especially for city dwellers.

But, have we ever wondered about people living in remote areas and parts of the world where the reach of electricity is still lacking in this age? According to a UNDP report, around 789 million people in the world have no access to electricity till now, and that has seriously hampered their opportunities for further development in their region.

To combat the lack of electrification in remote parts of the world with a new innovative light, a few companies came forward to pioneer in this project of Swarm Grids Technology in Power Sector with the backup of UNDP. This innovative project was developed to provide small regions and communities with the facility of electric power using clean energy for long sustenance.

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