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How 5G will Accelerate Growth of Holograms in Real World?

Holographic representation is defined as one of the easiest ways to experience immersive videos as it uses conventional technologies like three-dimensional videos to render an immersive real-like experience.

5G Hologram TechnologyThe world is getting smaller as humankind transitions towards 5th generation cellular technology and its vast use cases.

Despite gaining huge popularity among masses all across the globe either in form of commercial advertisements or through social media platforms, the limit of people’s vision around 5G technology and its applications is quite narrow.

Everyone is focusing on the high speed, data rate and latency that 5G offers, but the point that is missing from this hype is the impact of 5G on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its devices.

Taking one of the latest examples, in this case, is the unique demonstration of Airtel of 5G Hologram Technology.

The company attracted its publicity by roping in India’s one of the most popular cricket players, Kapil Dev in its exhibition of how 5G will transform the country’s technology base with a new immersive video experience once it gets released.

In its exhibition, Airtel used the 5G Hologram Technology to re-create the un-filmed moments of Indian history epic cricket match of the 1980s.

However before going into more details about how 5G Hologram Technology will redesign the way of living in a new model, let us familiarize ourselves with what is 5G Hologram Technology and how 5G integrates itself with multiple technologies as a whole.

Quick Glimpse of Hologram Technology

5GHolographic representation is defined as one of the easiest ways to experience immersive videos as it uses conventional technologies like three-dimensional videos to render an immersive real-like experience.

However, what do we mean by immersive video technology?

The immersive video refers to that type of video content that is specially designed to make its viewers feel like they are part of the experience.

A hologram in general is the 3D projection of any object or person like a three-dimensional video at any place where its setup is established in real-time.

To know more about what hologram is all about and its applications in real-time, you can check out my previous article, “Can 3D Hologram Replace Business Travel?”.

How will 5G Propels Hologram Technology to New Level?

Hologram TechnologyAlthough it may seem complicated, the technology is quite similar to any image reproduction tool where motion picture registration can be resolved via camera with the only difference of how the image is getting projected.

Till now, the main problem with hologram technology was related to how their graphics required a very powerful as well as fast network connection such that the data transmission does not suffer from constant interruptions and cuts.

5G Hologram Technology resolved the issue and will foray into the final implementation of holograms in the real world to be used every day.

Due to this, we can easily send large amounts of data at high-speed rates to design holographic image playback virtually as if it were a live conversation.

Taking another example of how 5G Hologram Technology is rapidly expanding its roots in the industry is when Verizon as well as some entrepreneurial startups recently showcased a few of the next-generation consumer and business experiences made possible influenced by 5G, at its 5G Lab in New York City.

Since, 5G normally works in tandem with many other technologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AI) and enhanced computer vision, it enables the possibilities of a variety of applications in multiple fields.

Possible 5G Hologram Technology Applications in Real-Time

Though, the use cases of 5G Hologram Technology have been discussed in length till now, we are pointing out some of the most recent possibilities in this technology allowed due to the extremely fast 5G.

Remote Repairs

As the name suggests, repairing electronics devices via detailed instructions from an expert for household appliances like internet routers, washing machines and even your computer-related issues can be easily resolved using 5G Hologram Technology.

According to a recent start-up, Streem offers to arrange a real-time virtual visit of an expert through AR and high-definition video.

In turn, the expert can team up with the person at home from afar while projecting virtual arrows and pointers to instruct in detail about the possible steps he or she can take to resolve some simple issues. Also, the repair person can take measurements remotely for better accuracy.

And all this is possible due to the high-speed rate of 5G Hologram Technology that allows projecting the image in real-time.

Augmented Shopping

In another possible use case of 5G Hologram Technology, assume that you or a loved one has a typical food allergy that needs you to physically inspect each box of cereal or other food items in the grocery store to ensure that it does not contain nuts.

Verizon’s 5G developers have been working on such a type of application that proposes to use AR to blend online shopping with physical retail.

According to Verizon, 5G Hologram Technology will enable a retailer to go through tens of thousands of products online to identify specific ingredients or to inspect other data to its consumers from product ratings to enhance customer experiences just like browsing through a physical store.

Closing Statements

Though the possibilities of implementing 5G Hologram Technology are endless, it will take some time for these technologies to implement on a large scale.

And there’s no guarantee if the consumer would accept it too as some of these technologies hold serious privacy implications that might deter their acceptance to a large audience.


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