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Build Your Career with Top ML Courses in India

Having a strong base in statistics, Machine Learning Courses in India has seen an abrupt rise in the recent few years.

ML Courses in IndiaKnown as one of the highest volatile fields, next-generation technology and its allied fields requires a highly concentrated skill set with an intuitive mindset.

Due to its competitive nature, making a career in any type of technology-based market is no easy feat and requires constant upgradation of skills while keeping in touch with the latest updates in the industry.

Known as the epic center of multiple software skills, India possesses a wide range of software-skilled workforce who are thriving to compete on a global stage.

And the latest addition to the list of next-generation technology is none other than Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Often, terms like AI and ML are used interchangeably, however, there’s a significant difference between the two.

AI refers to an umbrella term for a range of techniques, that allow computers to learn and act like smart humans. While machine learning accounts for how that computer becomes smart.

Having a strong base in statistics, Machine Learning Courses in India has seen an abrupt rise in the recent few years.

This has led to a sharp growth of ML-related careers and courses to develop further in the Indian landscape.

Counting the growing popularity of new-age fields like AI and ML with ML Courses in India gaining new workers every year, we are going to discuss briefly What is Machine Learning all about and Which are the most popular ML Jobs in India at the moment?

Machine Learning-What is it?

AIMachine Learning (ML) has emerged as a part of the division of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is mainly concerned with computer algorithms capable of improving with enough experience.

With a high focus on the learning aspect, ML is based on developing programs that can access data and then use it for themselves.

Most of the giant tech firms are recently hiring an ML-qualified workforce and training their existing workforce with ML Courses in India.

Citing a few examples of ML applications in everyday life, chatbots, spam filtering, search engines, fraud detection and ad serving comes under this list.

Machine learning allows us to find patterns and create mathematical models for things that would sometimes be impossible and out of reach for humans to do.

Scenario of ML Courses in India

LearningSince the market of Machine Learning is expected to enter billion dollars in the next few years, many big corporations have already started to keep their hands in this pie and have started training their employees in ML Courses in India.

Covering a spectrum of real-time applications, ML Courses in India enables its users with knowledge of how to use mathematical tools and languages like Python and R to learn to program and understand the logic behind those hefty algorithms used in ML.

To enter the field of Machine learning, one has to have some background in computer science, mathematics and related engineering field along with a basic skill set in languages.

Software engineers often find switching in the ML field quite easy as they train in ML Courses in India due to their programming backdrop.

Currently, several paid, as well as unpaid ML Courses in India, are available that work on training its users from the beginner’s level.

The most popular list of ML Courses in India includes,

  • Machine Learning by Coursera
  • Machine Learning Crash Course by Google AI
  • Machine Learning by EdX
  • Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders by

Apart from these famous courses, a few IITs and NITs have also introduced a few diploma ML Courses in India to provide skill development in this emerging field.

ML Jobs in India

Jobs in IndiaThe main reason for upgrading your skills in this latest technology is to gain a high-end Job opportunity and this is why many engineers are now shifting their career paths towards ML Courses in India.

However, one must be aware of what kind of job profile we will be joining a company once trained.

So, the list of ML Jobs in India and their profiles range from

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst, Engineer
  • Software Developer/Engineer (AI/ML)
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Engineer and the list goes on.


As the market trend for AI and ML Courses in India keeps rising with newfound investments and innovative projects in the pipeline, upgrading your skills and keeping up with upcoming technologies will be the key path to survival in this highly competitive and connected world.


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