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What is NLP- Future Market in India?

NLPEvolution of human language either via speaking or by writing took many centuries to be the way it is now. Everything starts from the way we string together a sentence that carries huge amounts of data.

Ranging from the topic we choose, the tone we use, our selection of words, everything adds some type of data that can be interpreted and its value can be extracted. Theoretically, we can understand and even predict human behavior using that data.

But the issue lies in the fact that one person may generate hundreds or thousands of words in a declaration and each sentence will have its own set of corresponding complexity as well as the geographical situation. Since this comes under unstructured data that is about understanding the meaning behind those words or the cognitive way, it is hard for machines to pick on or interpret easily. However, there have been noteworthy discoveries that help in engaging computers to comprehend the language similarly as we do that is well known as Natural Language Processing or NLP.

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Aishwarya Saxena

A book geek, with creative mind, an electronics degree, and zealous for writing.Creativity is the one thing in her opinion which drove her to enter into editing field. Allured towards south Indian cuisine and culture, love to discover new cultures and their customs. Relishes in discovering new music genres.

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