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Will Consumers Purchase Either Refurbished Electronic Products?

electronicSix in ten urban Indians have either purchased refurbished electronic products (20%) or would consider buying them in future (40%), a report revealed.

The remaining (40%) have neither purchased nor would consider getting refurbished electronics in the future.

The global report examines consumer buying behaviour of electronics goods, explores their attitudes to Six in ten urban Indians have either bought or would consider buying recycled electronics green technology, data privacy, and the preferred security measures for device protection across 18 international markets in order to help marketers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) gain a better understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes around these themes.

YouGov research reveals that there is an appetite for buying refurbished electronics with more than two thirds (69%) of consumers across the globe who have either already bought a refurbished/recycled electronics item (28%) or would consider buying one (41%).  In contrast, one in three are not open at all to the idea of buying pre-used technology and would never consider it.

The highest proportion of refurb buyers fall within Great Britain (GB) and America, with around four in ten purchasing repurposed electronics, closely followed by Canada. Across all 18 markets more than six in ten have either already bought or would consider buying refurbished electronics, suggesting a strong interest overall, as well as an opportunity for brand marketers, manufacturers, and retailers to convince more consumers of the benefits of buying recycled tech.

Among Indian consumers who have purchased electronics devices in the last 12 months, the reassurance of the product being guaranteed for at least a year is most likely to encourage them to buy recycled or refurbished products (with 36% saying this), followed by a reputable seller (33%) and reduced price by 25% (30%).


Nitisha Dubey

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