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With the Boost in IOT Adoption, Skilling Becomes Very Crucial for the Industry

IoTA massive change is underway in the automotive sector, which has begun to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) at several levels. The most powerful syndrome amidst this change is the “Data Syndrome”, irrespective of who adopts it – OEMs, dealers, or ancillary companies. Harnessing the power of data and embracing the market challenges and opportunities will be possible by understanding and using data for business growth.

Sudeep Sen, Head of Industrial, Manufacturing and Engineering Verticals, TeamLease Services

Adoption of IoT at production level has helped boost productivity and save costs. Moreover, it is automating core processes thereby improving quality and allowing auto makers to stay competitive. This does not mean lesser human involvements though. Truth is, human involvement is, and always will be, integral, since AI does not possess the power to think spontaneously and tentatively like a human mind, yet.

At the workplace too, IoT helps auto makers track processes, train employees with augmented reality or virtual reality and deploy robots on their shop floors. The fact is that manual work and tracking often leads to human error, preferences, lapse in processes, deferments, all of which are negatively impacting productivity and ROI.

Needless to say, if operations and processes are getting automated, employment will get impacted. With the continuous evolution in the field of IoT where more devices are going online every day, the need for human interference is reducing in various departments. At the same time, breakthroughs are creating more positions of employment all around the world. Companies are opening up new and unique designations related to IoT management all over the world, fulfilling the need for trained IoT professionals to run the machinery.

There will be 30% increase in profiles like Technical Lead / Technical Manager for the product engineering services for automotive domain. Additional emphasis will also be on design and development of automotive control units and automotive networking and diagnostics solutions. Data analyst will be required for the technical units and the demand for real-time monitoring and entertainment is also likely to increase by 30%. Semi-tech profiles capable of working in shifts to provide technical support for international clients will need a combination of tech aptitude as well as ability to offer technical assistance. In the domestic market, additional focus will be on regional language support. These profiles will be in good demand and will grow in an incremental range of 18 to 20%.

Neeti Sharma, Senior Vice President, TeamLease Services

In short, humankind and its skill set are evolving with the advancement in technology. Greater automation replaces the need for the workforce in lower tiers and opens up avenues for smarter brains on top of the hierarchy. Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from the continuous evolution of IoT since their processes became lag-free; everything becomes transparent and more centralized for better control and efficiency. By 2022, trends such as digital twin, fog and edge computing, AR, VR and MR, 5G and IoT are projected to play a crucial role in making India a front-runner in IoT adoption. The overall market opportunity for fog computing is pegged to rise to 18.2 billion USD; VR, AR and MR technologies are projected to reach 147.4 billion USD by 2022. The number internet connected “things” by 2020 is pegged at 50 billion.

The focus is shifting towards building a skilled workforce that can leverage the relevant technology and business processes. There needs to be more tri-party efforts to understand the gap in terms of demand and supply when it comes to skilling students. There is an immediate requirement for tech labs and schools to upgrade in such a way that gaps post completion of the educational courses are not wide and employers can readily hire without worrying about cost of training.

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