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Within next 2 years hSenid would like to become a de facto HRMS player for mid-market, hSenid – CSO, Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta Chief Strategy
Anuj Gupta- Chief Strategy Officer, hSenid Business Solutions

hSenid is a 18 year old organization with more than 700 customers and presence in 30+ countries. The company prepares their customers to address their future needs thereby protecting the investments which they are making with hSenid. In a viz with the boy wonder, Anuj Gupta – CSO, hSenid Business Solutions unveils the strategies under his leadership and resilience to establish a business aura in India. He also inclines to the technology notches addressing the changing itinerary of Indian business ecosystem. Excerpts.

The latest two marquee products for hSenid are HRMenterprise & PeoplesHR. Kindly share an anecdote on this latest rollout?

hSenid is an HR software domain expert. Most of our R&D expenses go in enriching our HRMS products. We keep releasing 2 upgrades per year for our HRMS solution. Our latest roll out which is due to release by March 2016 is a state of the art HRMS solution which encompasses catchy GUI’s and interactive navigation. This roll out will enable our users to get comprehensive view of the information in a single screen. This release will further enrich hSenid HRMS to match with benchmark set by veteran industry players like SAP & Oracle in the enterprise segment.

What will be the expansion strategies for the company in India? 

hSenid is committed to India and it gets corroborated from the way we started our operations in India. Within 3 months we had our presence in 3 cities (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) with strong team of seasoned resources in place in Sales, Pre sales & Delivery. These resources we hired from top notch organizations like TCS, HCL, Ramco, Hays, Infosys etc. In less than 1 year apart from hSenid resources we are present in India with our 12 Reseller & Consulting Partners and more than 10 referral partners.

hSenid is bullish on India and going forward our expansion is based on 3 parameters:

  • Increasing Quality Partner Network
  • Acquainting HR Community with hSenid’s HRMS Solutions
  • Increasing strength on Delivery to increase customer satisfaction

What are your product offerings, who are the targeted customers? 

At hSenid we have categorized our offering in 2 broad categories:

For our Enterprise & Large Mid Market we have HRM Enterprise which is a very exhaustive HRMS solution with 22 modules covering not only the basic aspects of HR needs but also taking it further by providing solutions on Mobility, HR Analytics and Social HR.

For our SMB & Mid Market we offer PeoplesHR which is an On Cloud HRMS solution with quick implementation, pay per use and low TCO comprehensive solution.

This puts hSenid in a unique position wherein using the same solution we cater to different industries with different segmentation. Our vast partner network (unmatched with any other HRMS solution provider) enables us to plan for verticalization of our solution in near future.

With mobility and Big Data Analytics helming mainstream how are you tailoring your solution to the changing market needs? 

Mobility & Analytics are the buzz words for the industry today & hSenid is fully equipped to address the needs of our customers with Mobile HR & HR Analytics. These are our future ready solution to prepare our customers to address their future needs thereby protecting the investments which they are making with hSenid.

As mentioned earlier, hSenid is completely dedicated to HRMS, our all R&D goes in bringing innovation for HR functions. As a part of our pursuit in providing innovative solutions to our customers in HR domain, hSenid is in the process of releasing “JURRA” by March 2016. JURRA is a tool developed by hSenid to exchange ideas, collaboration among employees and many more to change the paradigm of working style in organization.

What is the USP of the company and how elegantly does hSenid differentiates itself from the existing providers?  

hSenid is an 18 year old HRMS software company with more than 750 customers in 18 Industries across 30 countries.

hSenid provides comprehensive HRMS solution with future ready tools like Mobile HR, Social HR & HR Analytics

hSenid provides 24 X 7 support to their customers.

How many customers do you have in India and what are the business models to cater the Indian market? 

In less than a year in India, we have more than 20 customers. The customers we have acquired are from different segments and industry ranging from 100 employees to 10,000 employees. Our business model is to “scale with partners” by aligning partners as per segment, Vertical and Geography. Our On Cloud and On Premise model will enable us to cater to wide range of markets.

As a part of our strategy we position our on cloud solution to the organization where employee size is between 10-1500 and requirements are basic across all modules, while we position our on premise application for our enterprise customers. While we follow this strategy the overlaps are bound to happen with the customers.

Apart from this, hSenid has a basket of solutions around Social Media, which is known as JURRA; Mobility application as our Mobile HR on iOS & Andorid and HR Analytics which we typically position where customer is looking for advanced functionality beyond usual HRMS.

What are key drivers today in the Human resource technology and service delivery? 

I will say there are 5 key drivers of the HR technology

  • HR systems are old & obsolete even in most of the large enterprise
  • Cloud software is easy to buy without getting into Infra issues
  • More interactive User interface for increased adoption
  • Emphasis is increasing on by functions like Recruitment, Training and Performance assessment. HR now is not only limited to ELC, Leave Attendance Payroll.
  • Talent acquisition is one of the key challenges for organization

Indian Organizations are moving from family members to professionals therefore the need for succession planning.

How big is the HR solutions corridors today and how much of the growth pie-chart is foreseen to be taken by hSenid in the coming years? 

Fortunately in India HR market is very fragmented. More than 50% of the HR software market is captured by unorganized players and we have scope of doubling the market by covering the whitespace available by 2020. hSenid aims to cover enterprise market with its solutions around Performance Assessment, Talent Management, Succession Planning & Recruitment while for SMB we will be positioning our basic HRMS with quick & easy implementation. Within next 2 years hSenid would like to become a de facto HRMS player for mid-market.

You’re among the hSenid Leadership team for India – How you apprehend the Indian market in terms of technology adoption, talent pool, market acceptance. Additionally, what will be the first hand changes you strategize to bring with the new role in the company? 

There can’t be any time better and conducive than the present one in India. 4G has arrived, Mobile penetration is increasing and moving beyond making & receiving calls only, Government is progressive and C-level people are looking for innovative ways to increase productivity. We are definitely bullish on India. We feel this situation will continue for next 10 years as Indian organization has lot of scope to grow.

For India, our strategy is clear that we will “Grow & Scale with partners” & to help them grow we have localized our price list, our partners agreements & our partner incentive structure. Not only this we have hired a full-fledged experience delivery team in India to support our Partner delivery. We have decided to let go of full service revenue to our partners once they are taking full ownership of the project.

It’s all about services today, how many channel partners does the company have across India and how the company is positioning to work with the local partner ecosystem to deliver round the clock services.  

We have recruited 12 partners across India and are training them rigorously. We are enabling our partners on Sales, Pre Sales & Delivery by providing them hands on and scenario based training. As I mentioned above that we are letting partner take the full control of services and hSenid with its delivery team will ensure that customer is getting what is required & agreed upon through partner. This will ensure that with every Live project we are increasing hSenid ecosystem in India by creating a trained resource of partner in the market. This will enable us in creating an efficient & experienced ecosystem of resources that could provide services to our customers, just like the way you have for large OEM’s like Microsoft & SAP.


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