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World Future Awards Earned by L-Charge

l-chargeL-Charge has been recognized for the development of an ultra-fast, off-grid, mobile EV-charging solution that uses clean fuels to generate power onboard, eliminating the need for any power grid connection.

As a distributed energy resource, the charging solution serves to not only rapid charge vehicles at ultra-fast speeds, but to reduce energy costs, balance the grid and decarbonise the environment.

L-Charge, headquartered in London, was praised as being the winner for the best cleantech solutionat the World Future Awards 2022. L-Charge designed and developed its unique, ultra-fast EV charging solution to run off clean fuels to enable a grid-independent, on-demand power supply for EV owners. The company’s mobile EV charging truck is fitted with a mini-power station that uses LNG, hydrogen or a mixture of the two fuels to produce electricity onboard, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be called to a convenient location when needed via an  app, in the same manner as ordering a taxi. The mobile charging truck generates up to 130 kW and provides ultra-fast charging – from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

“We have started with clean fuels that are easily accessible in the market (like LNG, Bio-LNG or CNG), and intend to develop hydrogen fuelled systems as soon as Green hydrogen is produced at scale and readily available. We are striving to minimise carbon emissions generated from the transport segment and are willing to remove the main obstacles, critical to the proliferation of electric vehicles”, said Justin Tarr, Vice-President of Sales and Operations at L-Charge.

The World Future Awards is committed to recognising companies that have faced challenges and brought about unique opportunities. The Cleantech category recognises innovative energy solutions that are advancing a multi-directional electric grid and bridging the gap between traditional energy systems and those of tomorrow.

“In a year of unexpected challenges, from Europe’s energy crisis to revised trade exchanges and market volatility, it’s particularly inspiring to see the innovation and leadership of this year’s finalists in steering a course towards a better energy future,” said the World Future Awards team. “We are proud to honour this year’s finalists and celebrate their efforts.”


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