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World’s Highest Sensitivity in Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

image-sensorPanasonic Holdings Corporation has developed the world’s highest sensitivity in hyperspectral imaging technology by applying a compressed sensing technology, which has been used in medical care and space exploration.

This technology makes it possible to identify slight color differences-small differences hard to discern with the naked eye-maintaining the usability of a conventional color camera, and enables improvement of image analysis and recognition accuracy.

As the world’s first demonstration of such efficient hyperspectral imaging, it was published on January 23, 2023 in the online version of the British scientific journal Nature Photonics under a joint name with imec, a Belgian research institute.

With the evolution of image recognition technology, the application of machine vision is expanding, including industrial use of image data for efficiency, labor saving, and energy saving.

Since machine vision recognizes images on a computer, information that humans cannot perceive, such as continuous color changes (spectral information), can be used to make analyses. Images with spectral information, known as hyperspectral images, are expected to play a role in expanding the application fields of machine vision.


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