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Xerox Releases New Business Apps, Focuses on Mobile Printing

Business apps are gaining traction in the workplace and are just behind games in terms of number of downloads, Xerox stated. With this aim in mind, Xerox has released four new business apps that will help employees to create, share and process information without servers, middle-ware or IT support.

Xerox Apps

“Smartphones and tablets open up tremendous opportunities to leverage our office technology, enabling people to be productive whether they are on-site or working remotely,” said Jim Rise, senior VP, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox. “We are already recognized as a leader in office software and solutions, and with these business apps we are delivering new ways to drive productivity and agility.”

Mobile print simplicity for Android users- Xerox Print Service Plug-in

  1. Download the free Xerox Print Service Plug-in app on Android.
  2. This app identifies and configures the device to Xerox multifunction printers, ConnectKey-enabled MFPs, and office printers.
  3. The app is useful for a range of print options including paper and colour selection, finishing features like stapling and collating, and a PIN code for a secure release
  4. Available worldwide

 Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0

  1. Enables users to send print jobs to a single location independent email address via a ConnectKey app; a pin code is provided allowing for the secure release of the document at the device.
  2. The Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 will be available worldwide in late May 2015.

 Xerox Mobile Print 3.5

  1. Update to the award-winning Mobile Print solution
  2. Xerox Mobile Print 3.5 will be available worldwide in July 2015

  “Xerox’s years of experience in the document imaging space shine through in this solution,” said Carl Schell, senior writer, BLI, a leading source for unbiased and reliable intelligence for the global digital imaging industry. “The solution is easy to use, has a great administration tool and delivers a well-designed and full-featured mobile app for Android and iOS users.”

Xerox Mobile Link App

  1. Users can create personalized, one-touch workflows on their mobile device to remotely control a Xerox MFP and transmit documents to the cloud, fax, email or other destinations.
  2. Once created, the workflows are saved as icons in the app allowing for easy, repeatable use.
  3. The Xerox Mobile Link App are available worldwide

 The new release will deliver a better user experience and enable Xerox mobile customers to work more efficiently and securely, the press release states.



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