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Yokogawa Announces Completion of Acquisition with Fluid Imaging

Yokogawa has completed the acquisition of all shares with Fluid Imaging Technologies. Fluid Imaging Technologies possesses advanced technologies and know-how in the analysis of cells and other types of particles suspended in liquid media, and specializes in the development, manufacturing, and sale of flow imaging instrumentation used to perform particle analysis.

YokogawaWith Fluid Imaging Technologies as a member of the Yokogawa Group, Yokogawa will be able to expand the portfolio of cell observation solutions offered by its life innovation business, and thereby strengthen its business targeting the bioeconomy market.

Fluid Imaging Technologies is a pioneer in the development of flow imaging instruments that combine the features of traditional microscopes, which are used for the observation of cells, and flow cytometers, which are used for high speed analysis of the characteristics of lymph and other types of blood cells suspended in a liquid medium. With functions that enable them to image, measure, analyze, and count particles in liquid samples, these instruments are used in fields such as marine research and municipal water management and industries ranging from biopharmaceuticals to chemicals, and oil & gas.

Through the provision of the CSU series confocal scanner units for the 3D observation of the inside of cells and the CellVoyager series high-content screening systems for automated drug evaluation experiments using cultivated cells, Yokogawa supports the research and development of cutting-edge live cell imaging systems. These instruments are suitable for observing adherent cells that are cultivated on the surface of Petri dishes and other types of culture plates. The addition of Fluid Imaging Technologies’ flow imaging instruments to the Yokogawa product lineup will give our customers a greater range of choices, and the integration of our AI-assisted image analysis technologies with these technologies will enable us to offer new solutions for applications such as antibody drug quality inspection on production lines and water quality inspection for water supply systems.

By integrating this flow imaging technology with the technologies and know-how that Yokogawa has developed for its core control business targeting the oil, chemical, and water supply/wastewater treatment industries, we will be able to offer new value in diverse fields including healthcare, foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and environmental research.

“The combination of Fluid Imaging Technologies’ flow imaging instrumentation with Yokogawa’s optical engineering, artificial intelligence software, marketing, and distribution capabilities will accelerate FlowCam’s positioning as the global brand leader in flow imaging technology,” says Kent Peterson, president and CEO of Fluid Imaging Technologies. “Yokogawa’s long-term goal for 2050 is to contribute to society’s sustainable growth. One of our goals is to provide well-being for all. I strongly believe Fluid Imaging Technologies can greatly contribute in realizing this aim, says Hiroshi Nakao, a Yokogawa vice president and head of the company’s Life Innovation Business Headquarters.


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