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Yokogawa Signs Acquisition with Votiva

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has completed the acquisition of Votiva that provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software implementation services. ERP systems are at the core of the solutions that Yokogawa provides to support smart manufacturing and digital transformation (DX) for customers in the manufacturing industry.

Yokogawa Carbon Clean 200This acquisition will allow the company to expand its provision of ERP solution consulting, implementation, and technical support services in Southeast Asia. With this acquisition, Votiva will change its company name to Yokogawa Votiva Solutions.

In 2019, Yokogawa began offering ERP solutions to manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Leveraging the extensive ERP expertise and resources that the company has acquired in Japan, it will scale up its activities in Southeast Asia to provide not only sensor and control system solutions that support factory operations, but also IT solutions that support problem-solving at the management level. Yokogawa’s ERP solutions are highly flexible and can be adapted to specific customer needs in a wide variety of industries, from chemicals, pulp & paper, mining and non-ferrous metals through to food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing.

As more companies embrace DX, the demand for ERP solutions in Southeast Asia is also growing. In recent years, business owners have been trying to increase competitiveness and efficiency by efficiently managing all business activities — including factory operations — at the enterprise level and optimizing them with digital technology. The acquisition of Yokogawa Votiva Solutions will allow Yokogawa to expand its ERP services and accelerate the implementation of ERP solutions that enable customers in Southeast Asia to achieve their digitalization goals more effectively. Moreover, with their robust information technology (IT) skills and extensive knowledge and experience, the professionals at Yokogawa Votiva Solutions will be able to support not only companies in Southeast Asia, but also organizations expanding into the region from Japan, Europe, and the United States, helping them execute their DX initiatives in a dynamic environment.

Toshinari Miyamoto, president and CEO of Yokogawa Engineering Asia, the regional headquarters of Southeast Asia, commented, “Yokogawa Votiva’s ERP solutions can help businesses of all sizes across all industries accelerate their digitalization Today, Yokogawa’s operations in Southeast Asian countries provide numerous DX technology-related products and smart manufacturing implementation consulting services (including SIRI*) for the manufacturing industry. Capitalizing on Yokogawa Votiva’s expertise in ERP, we will be able to transform entire businesses by integrating data at all levels of the organization, from company management down to plant operations.”


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