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Yokogawa Unveils OpreX Environmental Monitoring System

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has launched the OpreX Environmental Monitoring System for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

yokoawaThe new product is a data collection and recording system that records and manages environmental data such as temperature, humidity, and room differential pressure in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, testing, and storage areas. This system makes use of Yokogawa paperless recorders that comply with Good Manufacturing Practice, Quality Management System and other regulatory requirements and are installed at multiple locations around a plant.

The new system reduces risk and aids pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in the performance of strict and efficient environment monitoring that ensures compliance with the various regulations and guidelines on operations at manufacturing sites.

To streamline the management of environmental data measured at multiple locations in a factory, a unified approach is needed. Although data acquisition and storage could be performed by a general-purpose monitoring and control system, such a system would need to be configured to comply with regulatory requirements of various industries.

Such a system would also have risk management problems because the data would be collected directly from sensors, and thus any kind of failure, such as power failure, sensor malfunctioning, or recorder capacity exhaustion could affect a broader scope of data. To address such issues, Yokogawa has developed the OpreX Environmental Monitoring System for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


  • Recording, storage, monitoring, and management of environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, differential room pressure, particle count, etc. in production, testing, and storage areas
  • Recording, storage, monitoring, and management of temperature and humidity data from freezers and thermo-hygrostats
  • Recording, storage, monitoring, and management of data such as temperature, pressure, etc. for devices used in manufacturing processes


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