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Yokogawa’s WT5000 “Future of Power Measurement”

WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer is a versatile platform that delivers extraordinary precision and exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. Equipped with 7 Modular, user swappable and reconfigurable input elements plus 4 motor channels, the WT5000 is an ideal instrument for both electrical and mechanical power and efficiency measurements. Now listed as an accepted device for SPEC Power® testing and IEC harmonic and flicker standards. Its highly responsive touchscreen, intuitive menu operations, and out of the box software solution make the WT5000 an ideal instrument for your testing needs.

Through our work with engineers in the areas of R&D, Production, QA and Field Testing, Yokogawa recognizes the importance of reliable and precise measurements for making critical decisions in product development and compliance. For more than 100 years, we have been pushing the limits of measurement accuracy and integrity with every generation of our measurement technologies. With the WT5000, Yokogawa ushers in a new era of precision power measurements that provides engineers with the accuracy and the confidence to keep up with evolving international standards as well as the flexibility to adapt to ever changing application needs. Packing the very best in isolation, noise immunity, current sensing and filtering in a modular architecture, the WT5000 is an extensible measurement platform that unlocks precision power analysis for electromechanical systems in electric vehicles, renewable energy, home and office appliances and industrial equipment.Reliable

Reliable Today, Ready for Tomorrow

  • Make measurements you can trust with a guaranteed accuracy of 0.03%
  • 10MS/s, 1MHz power bandwidth, 18 bit resolution enabled by Yokogawa isoPRO™ fiber optic isolation technology
  • Simultaneously analyse 7 phases with one chassis, producing over 1000 power parameters real-time
  • Precision current measurement guaranteed by innovative symmetric coaxial shunt design
  • Stream raw waveform data up to 22 items at a rate of up to 2 MS/s for detailed waveform analysis
  • Internal Memory up to 32GB
  • Harmonics regulation test
  • Fluctuation and Flicker regulation test

divInnovate with Precision, Flexibility and Confidence

  • Modular architecture with 7 user swappable and reconfigurable input elements
  • Synchronize multiple chassis for large multi-phase systems
  • For motors and generators up to 4 speed and torque inputs can be used measuring total system efficiency
  • Isolate and measure harmonic losses with configurable advanced filtering for simultaneous wideband and harmonic power analysis
  • Stream raw waveform data up to 22 items at a rate of up to 2 MS/s for detailed waveform analysis Precision Made Easy
  • Highly responsive 10.1-inch electrostatic capacitive touch screen
  • Intuitive and easy menus to connect, configure, measure and record
  • Modular interconnect design putting safety first

Renewable-EnergyRenewable Energy Development

Energy generated by photovoltaic cell modules and wind turbines is converted from DC to AC by a power conditioning system (PCS). Minimizing losses in these conversions improve the efficiency in the overall energy system.

Efficiency of Electric Vehicles and Powertrains

From R&D to manufacturing and compliance testing, measurement of powertrain not only require progressively greater accuracies but also consistency in measurement over the specified ranges and conditions.

Application in Lighting Drive Circuit

Testing In recent years, fluorescent and incandescent lamps have been gradually replaced by longer- life, lower-energy LED lamps. In order to further improve the efficiency of LEDs, engineers are working to improve the power conversion efficiency of LED driver circuits (drive modules). Engineers need to measure the electrical parameters of the drive circuit.

Robot servo motor test

Servo motors are widely used in automation equipment such as robots and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools. It is necessary to test the voltage, current, input power, mechanical power and efficiency of the servo motor and controller.

Medical equipment board power test

In general-purpose medical equipment, it is necessary to strictly control the power consumption and current conditions of each circuit board. So that engineers can provide an optimized design based on safety

Reactive power compensation device testing

The reactive power compensation device plays a key role in dealing with the power quality problem caused by a large number of non-linear loads connected to the power grid. Among them, power factor, harmonic and other test items are particularly important.

AC magnetic properties measurement of core materials

As the EV industry continues to evolve, development engineers are increasingly rigorous in measuring motor losses, as this will directly affect the endurance of the vehicle being developed. The iron loss test of the motor is one of the most important

Transformer Testing

In the power generation and distribution industries, the power supply company and transformer manufacturers are particularly concerned about the economic effect of transformer losses. Therefore, the accuracy of the measurement system becomes especially important

Wind Power Inverter Measurement

The energy generated by the wind turbine is converted from AC to DC by the converter and then converted to AC at the grid frequency. Reducing the losses in these conversions is critical to increasing the efficiency of the entire wind power system.

Synchronous measurement system in rail transit

The new urban light rail transportation project is equipped with a battery energy storage system and energy feedback technology, which can recover electric energy during the braking process, and continue to drive by enabling the energy storage battery in the case of extreme special power failure.

Appliance Performance Testing

In the performance test of the appliances it is need to record flow, temperature, power, etc. WT5000 seamlessly transfer power parameters to Yokogawa paperless recorder GP10/ GP20 via Ethernet. GP10/GP20 also records temperature and flow data

Power Calibration

For customers who use a large number of power meters, WT5000 can be used as a reference standard for periodic in-house calibration of power measurement instruments, such as the WT300E series and WT500.


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