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ZeeVee Exhibits RF Line and Announces Webinar with Co-Founder

ZeeVee  has been a constant source of providing a broad range of RF modulation solutions for delivering television programming, digital signage, and user-generated content. They have also announced a webinar to be held on February 2 with co-founder Steve Metzger.

ZeeVeeThe company’s RF modulation product offerings are designed to deliver content from multiple HD and SD sources to almost any number of endpoints via the world’s most deployed RF modulation standards, QAM and DVB-T/C.

“As much as 95% of the market still depends on RF modulation to broadcast content from sources to screens in venues—mainly because it remains the most cost-effective way to do so from a finite number of sources to a virtually unlimited number of locations,” said Metzger. “This market remains vibrant with possibilities in retail, sports, entertainment and hospitality sectors and this drives our commitment to remain at the forefront with highest performing and reliable products.”

The product line provides integrators and AV managers with the option to use coaxial cable for AV distribution.

To support and educate the market about RF technology, ZeeVee is producing a SIGNAL Sessions webinar (episode 8) entitled ‘Past, Present & Future of RF Encoders/Modulators’ hosted by Co-founder and VP Hardware and Operations Steve Metzger on February 2. Metzger will share the history of how ZeeVee evolved into a provider of world-class RF solutions to thousands of organizations around the world. He will also provide an overview of where ZeeVee is today with RF and explain emerging technology that will keep it relevant for years to come.

ZeeVee’s RF Product Line

ZeeVee’s RF product lines include HDbridge 2000 and HDbridge 3000 encoders, the ZvPro Series encoders/modulators and STBs and decoders: 

H-bridge 2000/HDbridge 3000: ZeeVee’s HDbridge 2000 and HDbridge 3000 RF modulation products distribute television programming, digital signage and user-generated content efficiently and cost-effectively in tandem with the company’s full line of RF distribution products. The H-bridge 2000 distributes multiple channels of video, up to 1080p resolution, to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance. Multiple HDbridge 2000 models can be combined to enable over 100 different sources via a single coax cable—making it an affordable way to support many displays with dynamic content.

The modular HDbridge 3000 is better suited for AV systems with more than 10 sources and provides an extra level of flexibility and a possible means of transitioning from RF to IP should the need arise. Hot-swappable cards allow the mixing and matching of cards with different interfaces and resolution as needed.

ZvPro Series RF Encoders and Modulators: ZeeVee’s ZvPro Series RF modulation products are robust solutions for the encoding and modulating of up to two-component, VGA, analog/digital audio sources, as well as unencrypted HDMI video, into a single RF output with up to 1080p video resolution. 

STBi3+ IP and RF Set-Top Box IP: The STBi3+ is a high-performance set-top box that acts as both an RF tuner and IP decoder. It supports three compression formats including H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, enabling the instant viewing of channels once it is plugged into the display and connected to a network. 

ZvSync HD Digital Tuner / Decoder: The ZvSync HD digital tuner/decoder enables any projector, monitor, or other display without a QAM or DVB-T digital tuner to connect to a ZvPro or HDbridge encoder / RF modulator. It converts coax cable signals to either HDMI or composite video, is small and easy to mount near a projector and offers digital output over HDMI or analog audio output via an RCA connection. 

ZeeVee Electronic Program Guide: The ZeeVee Electronic Program Guide (EPG) delivers an engaging television experience for up to 75 channels of distributed live television content. When the ZeeVee EPG is connected to a ZeeVee RF modulator, real-time programming information is delivered as part of the channel lineup. 

The ZeeVee Electronic Program Guide can be configured for local, national and international program information as well as in-house channels such as a welcome channel, digital signage, or locally produced broadcasts.  

ZeeVee RF Modulation Solutions Spans Markets, Applications and Geographies

ZeeVee RF modulation solutions have been widely used for an array of applications and vertical markets across the world. These include recently completed installation projects in retail (Charter Communications’ Spectrum stores), hospitality and gaming (Westgate Resort and Casino, Alba Hotel, Singapore Pools and Paddy Power), broadcast (CBS Corporation and Nextar Broadcasting Group), government (Georgia Department of Transportation), financial (VyStar Credit Union), education (Borough of Manhattan Community College) and sports and entertainment (Churchill Downs Racetrack and Ice Vault Arena).


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