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Zero Trust Network Vital to Achieve Cybersecurity Resilience: IEEE

IEEE has finally concluded its virtual roundtable, focused on how cybersecurity will be an integral part in the next normal, powering the future workplace.

Aiyappan Pillai (Left) and Bala Peddigari (Right)

With the pandemic bringing a paradigm shift in the way we work, IEEE curated a roundtable to discuss the tenets of cybersecurity and how it will be an important aspect for individuals and businesses to establish a strong IT foundation in these rapidly changing environments.

During the roundtable, Senior IEEE Member and Founder, Congruent Services, Aiyappan Pillai said, “Industry and society at large have embraced digital as a key enabler across all facets and domains of activity. The boundaries of the “digital estate” have become variable. As critical digital resources are not confined to a physical location, new policies, protocols and technologies are required to ensure cybersecurity.”

“Adopting a zero-trust security architecture could help manage cybersecurity incidents by the reduction in the attack surface. This multi-layer approach would entail new security protocols that every digital citizen should embrace, even if slightly inconvenient. The new challenges throw up many opportunities in cybersecurity. It is a mainstream requirement of any organization and hence the need for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow,” he further added.

Commenting on the same, Bala Peddigari, Senior IEEE Member said, “Digital technologies convergence has transformed the customer experience and opened many vulnerabilities for industries to look and face upon. Today, we see the organization of every shape and size significantly invest in cybersecurity, keeping time as a major essence. As the organization is working remotely due to the current pandemic situation across the globe, elimination of perimeter, AI, a multitude of technologies, modern workplace, lack of security awareness and reactive methods are some of the key factors influencing the cyber risk landscape.”

In a recent survey of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in the U.S., U.K., China, India and Brazil, the top two concerns for CIOs and CTOs when it comes to the cybersecurity of their organization are security issues related to the mobile workforce, including employees bringing their own devices to work (37%).

The IEEE members underlined the need to invest in cybersecurity measures for a better, connected future and Zero Trust will be of utmost importance to take industries to greater heights.


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