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ZipCharge Introduces Portable EV Charger Go

ZipCharge is developing the Go using the same rigorous engineering processes as major car manufacturers.

ZipCharge has introduced its game-changing portable Electric Vehicle (EV) charger, the Go.

ZipCharge Portable EV Charger GoThe revolutionary product is now advancing to the validation prototype (VP) stage with designs released for manufacture and hardware testing well underway.

ZipCharge Co-founder Richie Sibal comments: “Achieving this key milestone in the development of the portable EV charger is a major achievement by our small and dedicated team of expert automotive engineers. Drawing on the team’s 170 years of experience in designing automotive electronic systems, including EV control systems, battery modules, power electronics, electrical architectures, functional safety and wiring systems, combined with significant expertise in CAD modeling and design has enabled us to progress from the drawing board to design release in under nine months”.

ZipCharge Co-founder Jonathan Carrier comments: “Since our launch at COP26 in November last year, ZipCharge has received an unprecedented level of interest from potential customers around the world. They immediately see the benefit of the Go portable charger to deliver low-cost, convenient charging anywhere they park.

“We’re already in advanced discussions with many large corporate fleets and listening to their requirements, along with product suggestions from our enthusiastic prospective customer base. This feedback is invaluable as part of the ongoing development of our hardware and software, such as novel operating controls, safety features, and auxiliary power generation. We are committed to launching a truly ground-breaking product in the Go, one that meets the needs of a range of customer groups, and how they would like to use the Go. This includes private individuals, fleets and end-destinations, such as hotels, retail complexes, supermarkets and leisure activities – all locations where the ZipCharge Go can provide flexible, convenient and low-cost charging for everyone, anywhere they park.

“We expect to confirm final pricing later this year in Q4 2022 as part of the pre-order process. Our mission is to democratize EV charging, which means the ZipCharge Go will be competitively priced and comparable to the purchase and full installation cost of a fixed home charger.”

The Go removes a common barrier to EV ownership – by bringing the possibility of home charging to anyone who can’t currently plug in at their house.

ZipCharge is developing the Go using the same rigorous engineering processes as major car manufacturers. It is building several iterations of prototypes from validation through to pre-production, all of which will undergo an extensive testing regime.

The company’s engineers are currently at advanced stages of lab testing the portable EV charger’s key system components, including the NMC lithium-ion battery cells and the ZipCharge-designed bi-directional AC-DC converter.

Soon, ZipCharge’s portable EV power banks will create an intelligent energy management platform that provides flexibility and resilience for the national power grid.


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