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Zydus Hospital Performs Robot Assisted Surgery in Gujarat

After doing a pre-operative workup, the doctors at Zydus decided to go for minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Zydus Hospital has conducted a unique robotic-assisted surgery to save a 68-year-old cancer patient.

Zydus Hospital Robot SurgeryThe surgery called ‘Whipple procedure’ was done with the help of one of the best robotic-assisted surgery systems, Da Vinci Xi made by US-based Intuitive.

Bhavin Patel, who lead this procedure, said, “Whipple’s is a very complex operation, mainly performed to remove pancreatic cancer. Traditionally this operation is performed by open surgery with large incisions of 15-20 cms over the abdomen, and it comes with a lot of post-surgical complications such as infection and leakage. As we are making large incisions, it will require a high amount of blood transfusion, as well. But, now with advanced surgical technologies like da Vinci Xi, we had an option to do it through a minimally invasive method. We are really glad that we could successfully do the first-ever robotic whipple surgery in Gujarat, and we hope that many patients with complex GI and pancreatic tumor will benefit from robotic-assisted surgery in the future.”

“Da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system is a great help for surgeons. It provides great 3D vision and ergonomic instrumentation which gives very much precision during surgery,” Patel added.

Commenting on his fast recovery, Virendra Kumar Singh, a 68-year-old cancer survivor said, “I am thankful to Bhavin Patel and the entire team at Zydus hospital. Without them, I wouldn’t have been recovered so fast. I feel it as a miracle, as I was completely fit within 3 days of my surgery.”

This is the first time a whipple procedure is being performed with the help of a surgical robot in Gujarat.

This patient, who is a mathematics professor from Bihar, was diagnosed with periampullary tumor.

After doing a pre-operative workup, the doctors at Zydus decided to go for minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Though this operation lasted for 10 hours, the patient had a very good post-operative recovery, and he started taking food in 2 days and got discharged from the hospital within 6 days.

Patel is an experienced robotic surgeon, who has 25 years of experience in minimally invasive surgery.

This operation of pancreatic cancer is considered as one of the most complex GI surgeries and it has been performed robotically, only in very few centers across the world.


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